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Fun games to enhance memory and focus | ParentEdge


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Fun games to enhance memory and focus

images-2Memory, focus, concentration – these are much valued skills for students. Today I want to share simple ways to enhance these, while also ensuring the process is fun.


You need:
One or two trays
Pieces of cloth to cover the trays
Eight small to medium objects in each tray (sample objects: stickers, toys, figures, balls, crayons, bells, etc.) Arrange equal number of objects in each tray such that each object is easy to see and does not overlap other objects.
Candy or stickers to be used as rewards

Let’s play:
Explain the game to all the players. Tell them that you will arrange eight objects in a tray that they will get to observe for a fixed time – sixty seconds for example. After that, you will cover the tray and ask them to recall any four of the eight objects. If they remember all the four objects they receive two stickers or two candies, if they remember three objects they receive one sticker or candy and no reward for remembering less than three objects.

1. Wait for your turn to play and to get your reward
2. Do not spell out the object names if it is not your turn
3. Recall the objects within a minute


Kids enjoy competing and this game can be lots of fun. Challenge them on how long they can stand in this pose – time by seconds. The hands can be placed in front of chest in namaste pose, instead of the top as shown here.


For this game, you need to stay in any one room or part of the home. Example, you may select the living room or the kitchen or the dining room. Give each child one minute to look everything in the room. After that, each child must close his/her eyes and recall as many things as he/she can. You can use different rooms for each child to prevent repetition of answers. This game encourages attention, observation and recall.


I play this with my daughter and it works great to improve her social skills. I say the name of her friend or cousin and ask her to recall the names of that child’s parents. How many can she recall? That many coins in the piggy bank!

Do try out these games and watch your child’s concentration increase!


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Rima's has a Master's Degree in Psychology from Mumbai, and is a certified Childcare Professional and Life Coach from USA. She has written numerous articles for parents and women in Tanzania, India, and in USA. Her work includes writing for airline magazines and editing internationally published books. She has extensive experience in training teachers and parents and working with children aged 2-7 years. Her parenting page can be accessed at Parenting Booth , and her personal blog here.

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