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Fun Memorising Techniques for Children | ParentEdge


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Fun Memorising Techniques for Children

Fun Memorising Techniques for Children

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to recall any piece of information instantly? Our brains already have this ability, it’s just that we haven’t been taught how to use it! Most of us use only a small fraction of our brain’s natural ability. There are many techniques which help one to memorize information such as Association Technique, Link Technique, Peg System, Loci, Mnemonics, Phonetics
Technique, Mind Mapping etc.

column. All go hand in hand.

“Visualization” – It is the process of consciously creating an image in your mind of a task, a number, a name, a word or a thought. If you take the time to translate words into a meaningful picture and then hold that picture in your mind for a few seconds, you are more likely to remember the name, the task or the thought. Follow these four steps:Table-1
1. Visualize what you want to remember
2. Enlarge the size
3. Imagine the scene
4. Bring the scene in front of you

“Association/Linking” – Suppose I give you a list of ten objects, in pairs and tell you to memorize the names of each pair, how much time would you take? Look at Table 1. If I ask you what is the pairing for ‘Television’, you should be able to tell me it is ‘pen’. It will take a lot of time, won’t it?

Now let us see how to memorize this Table-2 paired list quickly using the Association Technique. Association means ‘Connecting or Linking’. In this technique we try to connect or link the two objects.

While linking you have to keep the following things in mind:

Link the two objects in a FUNNY way Link them ILLOGICALLY (that is something unreal, imaginary, and that doesn’t make sense)
(The reason we connect it in a funny, illogical way is because the brain remembers such things more easily.)

While Linking two objects, don’t bring in any third object.

You can change the size of the objects – make them big or small.

Closing your eyes, vizualize the scene happening in front of you.

Pair 1: I’m linking it like this: “when I switch on the television, pens come out”

It satisfies all the above conditions – it is funny, illogical and no third object is involved.
Now close your eyes and actually visualize this.

I have done the first one for you. Now you try doing the rest and see the magic. After linking all the 10 pairs,

It was very easy, wasn’t it? That’s the Table-3magical power of Visualization and Linking.
Applications: (1) You can use it to  associate two different words. (2) You can also link the keywords of an answer. (3) ‘Match the following’ questions.
“Chain or Story Technique”
It is a process of making up a simple story linking items that seem to have no connection. Let us see how you can memorize the names of 10 different objects, in a particular order. Refer to Table .


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