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Fun with Fingerpaint

This blog post has been reposted, with permission, from Bril’s blog (http://brilindia.com/blog/).


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Looking for something fun and creative to do with your child? How about painting with their fingers? Being able to paint with their fingers is something that most children enjoy doing. The messy part of painting with their fingers is what makes it all so much more enjoyable. Smaller children, around pre-school age really love to finger paint. It can be a great way to entertain them when they are looking for something to do.

If you want to make a learning activity out of it, you can do that too. Take out certain colors and have your child mix them to get different results. For example, give them blue paint and red paint. Then ask them what color they think both would make if they mixed them together. Let them find out themselves by mixing the two colors together on paper. They can have fun painting and learn a thing or two at the same time.

If you are afraid of your child making a mess, have them paint outside, if the weather permits it. If you have a sidewalk or driveway, lay out the paper and paints and let them go for it. Once they are done with their paintings, be sure to let them dry. Once they are dry you can hang them up to show your child you are proud of their work.

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If you don’t have the extra money or time to go to the store to buy finger paint, you might be able to make it from scratch from your kitchen. You can have your own finger paint with three easy ingredients. Below is a simple recipe:


  • 2 cups white flour
  • 2 cups cold water
  • Food coloring

Pour water into a large bowl. Slowly add the flour while stirring. Once it is mixed together, put in small bowls and add food color.

Enjoy a fun day with your kids.

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