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Game for Change for Grandparents ?

GrandparentsThis post has been contributed by Srinivasan T.

The other day I sat down to list the day to day activities of typical grand parents. Topping the list was of course the “ idiot box- “couch potato syndrome” but not far behind was their “Mandai Uruttal” ceremonies ( Head rolling is the literal translation of this Tamil term but means – gossip !!). The latter invariably will centre around the present-day 30+ moms and dads and how parents these days ‘spoil the kids’, ‘don’t have time’, ‘spend too much money’, et al. (Yours truly does not claim to be an exception to this routine!) In fact the rare occasions when the normal half and the better half agree whole heartedly is when they start conducting a post-mortem on the way the modern day parent is bringing up the child.

Of course fodder for these “Mandai Uruttals” is provided in abundance by the younger generation in the form of the new age expenditure patterns, children upbringing style, view on life’s priorities – to name just a few from an apparently endless list. While I may be one to indulge in such gossip sessions, I must admit that sometimes when I see working mothers juggling their routines, or young fathers using their full-fledged creativity with their child’s school projects – I stand up and say “Hats off to you !”.

On saner thoughts ( I strongly believe that we senior citizens are still capable of this process ), I feel that these pastimes need a complete overhaul and that grand parents can play a much more vital role  – take your grand child to nearby temples and parks to cater to mental and physical needs; libraries and internet sessions with the younger generation can whet your intellectual appetite. Playing with children (whether your grand children or those from the neighborhood) whenever possible can provide the most exhilarating emotional experience to both parties as well (this one is from experience – the most recent one being coming first in an impromptu running race ). These activities will not only enrich the young innocent lives, but will also give yours, as a grand parent, a whole new dimension. I am a grandparent who is game for a change. Are you?

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2 thoughts on “Game for Change for Grandparents ?

  1. Aparajita Bose

    It would also solve another problem – young, rich parents today shower their child with many not-really-necessary gifts that could even include different models of the same toy, often because the child is deprived of company of the mother and father too for long hours, and even maybe because the grandparents too have built their own world with the TV serial characters.
    In http://parentedge.in/24x7parent/i-can-afford-it-so-what%e2%80%99s-the-big-deal , I had asked “Isn’t it time the grandparents woke up to the occasion, took charge, and swapped roles with these new-age, branded, pricey playthings?”.
    When grandparents rise up to the occasion and turns into a solid presence in the life of the young grandchild, adding value to each other’s life, it can actually help all the concerned parties.

  2. Gayatri

    Having a grandparent actively involved in his/her life is one of the greatest blessings for a child, I feel. After all, you can never have too many people loving you, can you?! Grandparents provide roots, a connection to your history and an ability to understand different points of view – all invaluable benefits. And very often, a calming perspective from the wisdom they have gained – how often when I was battling with my child to get him to drink his milk, did I hear a gentle voice say,”It’s okay if your son does not drink milk for a whole week – you did the same thing when you were young and nothing happened….!”


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