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God comes First

We choose to be the ‘instant’ people, who want ‘instant’ gratification. We like to treat God like the genie that we can command and control. Paradoxically, God does not want to control us. Of our free will, if we choose to know Him and love Him, as the preacher did, He will respond in wondrous ways. Do our children understand this?

Children enjoy stories. We tell them and read to them Fairy Tales, Fables, and animal stories. Do we read to them the lives of people who loved God? Do we instruct them in the ways of faith? Do good and virtuous people appear as role models or do they uphold the rich and famous? Ironically, the very  sessions where they can gain from spiritual instructions are skipped just because a TV program they like is being shown at the same time. That will not happen with tuition classes, dance lessons or tennis practise, because as parents, we give these extras high priority. We wake them early and dispatch them hastily for these sessions. And to give them these inputs we make great sacrifices. In the process, the children get their priorities shuffled.

What about family prayers? Do we gather at an hour when children are awake and active to thank God for His numberless favours, or do we watch TV or participate in some other activity till the children fall asleep and we are stifling yawns?

In the final analysis, our attitude matters. If God comes first for us, there is a fair chance that our children will think likewise. Perhaps, they will be the only picture of the God, others will see.


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