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Help ! My child has “allergies”

Preventing Allergies in Kids

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Show me one child who has grown up without cold and cough, and I’ll show you a miracle. As I join the multitude of parents juggling with anti histamines, inhalers, nebulizers and cough syrups, debating the benefits of ayurveda vis-a-vis homeopathy, waiting long queues at the clinic with a cranky child – I feel like crying out for help.  And, what does the doctor say – don’t worry, it’s just an allergy! Any parent who has stayed awake through the night with a coughing child will understand my anguish.  But, the right thing to do is to stop pitying yourself or your child or simply fuming about the unfairness of things. After struggling through 7 years of bronchitis myself as a child, and seeing my older son wheeze for 5 years and my younger one wheeze since she was 2 and a half months old, I consider myself a semi-doctor when it comes to respiratory allergies. I may be what you would call a “quack”, but as  a mother there are some things I know for sure -

  • Do not let these allergies hinder your child’s normal routine.
  • Treat the allergy symptoms, but let the child understand that he/she is NOT sick.
  • If the child is upto it, let him/her continue to play normally.
  • Allergy will remain a part of life till the child outgrows it – no point in letting it intrude our work.

While these platitudes may not cure your child’s allergy, they will help you to handle things better. Trust me – I’m a “been-there-done-that” mother when it comes to this. As I write this post, I am just getting ready to send my child( who has an allergic cough) to her Sports Day practice ( after getting permission from her pediatrician, of course!) So, good luck and happy parenting !

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