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Helping Children Manage Their Emotions

Question: Do we understand, how to use, regulate, and manage our emotions?


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Sridhar Ramanathan is the Founder of IDEASRS, where he is also a Strategic Innovation Coach. Sridhar’s mission in life is “to help those who want to do things better and differently”. His work involves conducting creative problem solving workshops for clients, and buidling competencies in creativity and innovation. He also blogs at www.ideasrs.com.

4 thoughts on “Helping Children Manage Their Emotions

  1. Asawari

    Lead by example. This is also a manner in which we as adults could exhibit how to manage our emotions. Infact if you are pro-active and not in a fire-fighting situation with your child related to the above, then you can actually experiment and check. When you are angry and frustrated, you yell. That to the child is an acceptable response system. He develops it. You sit and meditate, he will be willing to try and see what happens if he does it too. Denying a child his feeling is as good or bad as asking you to forgive and forget for someone who upset you in your life. Are we willing to do that easily? The child could also be confused about what he is feeling. Talking about it may help. But not all the time. The child could look at it as a diffusing technique and after a couple times, he may not want to talk to you. The best way to deal with your upset child is to ask self, what is it that I would expect if I were upset. The answers will automatically follow.

    Listening, a very important point raised here. Most of us do not understand the meaning of Listening anymore. We just hear. And we think that is okay. Children are very sensitive and sense the vibes of your subtle presence and absence. True creative solutions will emerge only when we listen. We are able to innovate and think creatively to resolve mutual issues, and manage anger when we are a hundred percent where we physically are.

  2. Ignatius Fernandez

    Good points, well-crafted. The article will help us think twice before we react to children acting difficult. I like, in particular, your emphasis on loving the child through the difficult experience.
    I have written at length on these issues in my recently published book The Child is Father of the Man, Tips and Techniques for Wise Parenting.
    God bless.
    Ignatius Fernandez.

  3. Shweta Chooramani

    I have learnt to calm down my emotions when angry because i had seen my 21 months old doing same thing when she was angry. Also, not to ‘let her be’. To draw attention she had taken up to screaming.


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