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Preparing for Life Abroad

In hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently, now that your child has spent a couple of years as a student abroad?

Yes, looking back, I would like to turn the clock back to a couple of years before my daughter left us. Not to change anything about the great times we shared, but to cherish them more. A friend once told me that “we do for our children  the best we can, at any given time, given the circumstances.” I truly believe in this quote and hope to be able do the same for as long as my child needs me.

We were, however, a bit late in the process of applying. There were many anxious moments, stemming, I think, from our insecurities about letting her go and wondering if she was really ready. We might have not been tardy about the process and been more organised. Although, to our credit, we were calm and collected, kept our heads on, pooled in our resources and a few months later, watched our daughter take that long walk into a new terminal of life.



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