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Preparing for College: A Checklist

“I’ve had a pretty firm idea about the colleges I’ve wanted to get into for a long time. Researching them on the internet has helped a lot as you can see what different colleges have to offer. It’s easier to shortlist when you know what you want to do and get out of going to a particular college. The college you choose should offer exactly what you want and need. If not, then it isn’t the right college for you,” Says Smriti Sundar, aspiring architect and grade 12 student.

  • When you begin shortlisting your choices, be sure to check not just courses offered, but also financial viability. An educational counsellor can help you identify the different scholarships that are available.
  • Maintain organised and systematic notes or a spreadsheet with the essential information about each college, including application process, required documents, deadlines for form submission, etc.
  • While it is natural to be desperate to get into that one perfect college, ensure that you have some back-up choices as well.

The application process

Once you have your shortlist, you can begin the arduous process of submitting application  forms, hoping for a positive reaction, an interview opportunity or even better, an acceptance.


“Most students make mistakes during GDs by dominating a discussion, trying to prove that only they know the answer. Such behaviour will be negatively marked. Students have to know when a point has to be made and how to make it politely.”

– Annapurna Murthy

Prepare for change

While getting in to the college of your choice can be thrilling, both the fun and hard work are just beginning!

College marks the start of an academic life that is very different from what you have known so far. While many students seem to believe that college is a time for having fun and expanding your social circle (true!), for the serious achiever, it is also a time of grabbed opportunities. In the midst of all the parties and socio- cultural activities that you are going to be involved in, don’t forget that college is also a place of study, and one where there is no teacher breathing down your  neck, telling you what to do!

In college, no teacher will make you kneel outside the classroom for bad behaviour. Nor will indiscipline earn a note in your diary. Moreover, your teachers will be more approachable and friendlier than those who taught you in school. They will be open to more informal interaction and questioning.


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