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Preparing for College: A Checklist

However, all this means that you are responsible for your own academic performance and results. College demands that you be a self-starter, so learn to organise your time well, schedule your assignments and avoid procrastinating. And, most importantly, get into the habit of self-study!

“In high school, we’re generally spoon fed. Teachers constantly badger you for your homework or keep warning you  about any drops in your academic performance. In college, the biggest change that I had to deal with was how everything is left to the students. Attending college is up to you, as are the grades that you earn! But rules are rules. Excuses are never accepted. Lecturers are just that – lecturers. Nothing more!” exclaims Gayathri Mani, a student at Anna University, Chennai.

Getting the most out of college

Of course, college is so much more than just academics – there are cultural events, excursions, student council activities, clubs, and parties. Participating in everything that college has to offer is the best way to make friends and hone your social skills. Sign yourself up for as many activities as you can manage, while balancing out your academics. You will never again have these many opportunities to try your hand at new things and maximise every moment.

So, there you have it – what you need to ensure an easy and efficient transition from your high-school life to your college avatar. We guarantee that once you have checked all the boxes in this check-list, you will be in a position of enviable stability. Enjoy this phase of your life for, despite workloads and deadlines, you will never be as carefree again!

An aside for the boarders: tips to make the transition easier

  • Accommodation: Plan your accommodation well in advance. You can choose to stay in the college dormitory, or find hostel/PG accommodation at close proximity to your college.
  • Rooming: You will be spending a large part of your time outside college with your roommate, so get to know her! It is a good idea to discuss practical matters and delegate responsibilities before-hand, so you can avoid confrontation and problems.
  • Budgeting: Open a local bank account to allow you access to funds. Don’t splurge on non-essentials, and maintain a notebook to keep track of all your financial transactions.
  • Be flexible and learn to expect the unexpected.
  • Naturally, you may feel a little disconcerted when you’re living away from home for the first time. Homesickness will soon pass and you will start enjoying the independence and freedom of living on your own!


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