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Hobby Horse: Jewellery Designing

Simple steps to jewellery design  Jewellery designing is a great hobby – it’s fun, and the results can be worn and shown off! The great part about jewellery making is that it’s only as hard as you want it to be – making it a hobby people of all ages can enjoy. That’s right– jewellery making is not just for the children – you can join the fun too! Shopping for materials is really exciting because there are so many kinds available and finding the right beads (glass, acrylic, metallic or clay) in the right colours,shapes and sizes can be an experience in itself. Don’t forget the other tools you’ll need– string, beading needles, pliers, wire and clasps. Super easy bracelet You don’t need to invest time and moneyon jewellery making material – you can start off simple. What you’ll need: • Elastic string • Beads of your choice (seed beads are painful to work with for beginners – you might want to start with beads which have large holes).   What to do: 1. Wrap the elastic string around your wrist and cut off a piece of string around two inches long. 2. Tie a knot at one end to keep your beads from falling. 3. Start beading! Make sure you have all the beads you need before you start – it can be frustrating to start all over because you don’t have enough of a particular colour. 4. Continue beading up to one inch before the end of your string. 5. Knot the two ends of the sting together to form a loop. 6. Snip away any excess thread. Now you just need to put on your DIY bracelet and flaunt it! Tips:

Beads with letters on them are easily available – your children can make bracelets with their names on them. Alternately, try buying a large fancy bead and threading it in the centre of the bracelet for a funky look.


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