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Horowitz Horror

Age Group: 10 – 12 Years

Title – Horowitz Horror

Author – Anthony Horowitz

Orchard Books


Written by the bestselling author Anthony Horowitz who is well-known for his Alex Rider series, this book is an exceptional example of genuine horror. It is written as a series of spine-chilling tales. Each story revolves around a normal everyday object that we may use or see, such as bathtubs, cameras and buses. The scary part is that each of these objects turn out to be cursed or haunted. Pure horror, this book sends chills up your spine. Every tale has a terrifying twist, and often one of the main characters meets with a terrible fate. Horowitz writes each story with skill that freezes your heart. You feel the agony and fear that the characters face. While this book is a must-read, never read it at night. It is only for those who can sleep peacefully without a fear of things that bump and creak in the night!

- Marcus Fernandez,
Grade 6, Manthan International, Hyderabad.
Joint second place in the ParentEdge Book Review contest