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How becoming a parent changed my attitude towards food

Parent Attitude Towards Food

Becoming a parent has changed me a lot, and one of the dimensions is definitely what I eat. I remember that at my first job, whenever I had to stay late (which was practically everyday!), I would snack on samosas and kachoris brought by helpful vendors to my desk. I don’t remember thinking about which oil was used, whether it was wholesome, and I certainly was not worried about my arteries clogging.

Many years after those days, when I expecting my first child, I became more aware of what I was eating (avoided fried food so I do not put on excess weight) but still happily indulged in store-bought packaged biscuits and cookies. Trans fats did not get much publicity then!

It was only when I had to start feeding my infant daughter semi-solids that I seriously started thinking about nutrition; until then food and meals were about taste, moods, habit, and how much time one had to rustle up meals. When I became responsible for what went into a growing child, I started paying more attention to what all those nutritionists were saying – in the newspaper, on the internet, on tv….

It was not easy – it meant planning and thinking ahead to get wholesome ingredients stocked in the pantry and the fridge. It meant getting creative and inventive to make sure eating healthy does not translate to boring food. It meant retraining my taste buds – to enjoy the sweetness of fruit as much as I enjoyed the sweetness of sugar.

I cannot help but feel proud, looking back at the long way I have come ….from my days of snacking on samosas to enjoying home-baked crackers with my kids.

Thanks to the experience of parenting!


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Ramya G. is an Editor at ParentEdge. Her interactions with her two children reaffirm her belief that growing children have infinite potential. Her interest in nurturing young intellects is rivalled only by her love for writing.

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