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How do I Help him find the Real Heroes?

This is really not ‘heavy’ reading (if that is what you call it) – the last line has a mother asking for suggestions…..

Newspapers run stories of how ordinary people are making it big so early in life. Many are rags-to-riches stories. There are vivid details of the plush abode a billionaire stays in with no dearth of juicy details of his life. A national daily grows on all that and thrives, loving it all as readership increases by leaps and bounds, for the simple reason that we are all looking for quick ways of regular, inexpensive entertainment. With my morning cup of tea, what tastes better?

News of some illustrious personality falling from a height for having been victim to temptations or someone who has silently  but diligently worked his way up the social ladder?News of innovations from college students or news of a star making a splash with a “great” movie? News of how the noble heart of a philanthropist is making a huge difference to the lives of underprivileged children? News of how someone with an illustrious career leaves it all to answer the inner call of bringing a positive change in lives of lesser mortals or news of some seasoned criminal being caught? News of advancements in medical field or news of cricket stars being hammered by other cricket stars? News of someone making it big by religiously greasing palms of people in power or news of someone who has made philanthropy a way of life? News of a handful of billionaires turning into richer billionaires or news of people dying of hunger in forgotten corners of the world? News of victory in a war or news of thousands of children orphaned because of the war? News of how research is gifting humanity with inventions that are about to save thousands of lives or news of celebrities breaking up or making up or suffering from minor ailments or on promotional trips for their upcoming films? How do I choose the news that matter, the real news, from such a mountain of happenings? How do I segregate the real heroes from the pile there?

Kids Finding Real Heroes

With my ten-year-old son, a voracious reader all along, picking up the newspaper when it’s within reach, how do I drive home the point that the headlines of the newspapers are sometimes making heroes of the wrong people? That many real heroes are toiling far away from the madding crowd, that their ambition that drives them to relentlessly continue with their work stems from the will to do something worthwhile – either for some needy segment or for progress of the human race despite the not-so-significant pecuniary benefits sometimes and quite often being shunned by the media? It’s not enough that a family and extended family adore the real heroes.

Tweens and teens go a lot by what they watch on television and what people around and peers are excited about. Maybe we find it too far-fetched an idea or too difficult or too long-a-journey or too risky to inspire the children with feats of the real stars and how they gradually made it! Or is life too fast for one and all today to even think deeply about them and infuse into the children a strong will to aim to achieve even a fraction of what they have? A child of impressionable age, ready to absorb ideas and beliefs, with no filter to throw out the inappropriate news – how would he know or how do I tell him who are the real earth-movers-and-shakers even if they are never or rarely in the limelight?

How do I help him find the real heroes when many of the not-the-real-heroes are covered with adulation from many quarters? Looking forward to suggestions from you……..Else the likes of Dr. Kalam would only be too far away from us all…….

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3 thoughts on “How do I Help him find the Real Heroes?

  1. Vinayagamoorthy

    I sincerely think it is not possible for us to correctly recognize all the real heroes. In fact we may not even be having the right criteria to be used to figure out the real contributors. The other truth is that it looks like it is not practically possible to recognize all the contributions of a person and the overall effect they have on us.

    I can, however, suggest you to follow the below link to understand what really would be scarce forever in this world.


    You can find some excerpts from this article in my blog post below.


  2. Sujoy

    Apu, I believe it is up the individual to choose his or, her hero or, Guru or, guide what ever you term…..Also the perception of the hero changes over time. I have found my Guru at my age of 32 when I started my spritual journey. Yes media will be publishing jucy gossips / -ve news just for publicity…..but we need to push through that find our Gurus…….One thing I encourage my daughter is to read the “Speaking Tree” supplment on Sundays in Times…..It will definitely help in shaping up the mind of kids to find the real hero or, Guru…….Sujoy


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