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Time Management Strategies for Students | ParentEdge


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How to be more Productive by Effectively Managing your Time

Keeping up with ChangeThis blog post was contributed by Jairam Balakrishnan, Director, Pearson Schools

Only those who know the true value of time and can manage it productively become responsible in life. They can keep up with their commitments and can fulfill their own set of interests at the same time. Good time management not only means to finish work on time but to also plan in such a manner that you make the best use of it. Learning to manage time effectively from an early age can really make life easy and productive in every sense. Very few people are born with the skill of managing time; others need to develop certain practices to keep up with time.

Good time management means to plan your tasks and activities in such a manner that you can make the maximum use of it. Being organised in the way you plan your time effectively can help you devote 100% without wasting your precious time. Managing time in a good way also means doing things you have to do on time and still save some for doing things you want to do.

It is important for all of us to understand the value of time and also inculcate it in our children as it is a non-renewable resource. Once a minute, day, month or year is gone it is gone forever.

To keep up with time and to make the maximum use of it in a given period you need to maintain a time table or keep track of your daily routine. Maintaining a regular check on how much time you need to dedicate to your study, sports, outdoor activities, and your family is the first step. Also sticking to a regular seeping and eating routine can help you have a sound mind, body and soul. For students, getting the most out of your study time without missing out on other important factors in life can be really challenging.

Here are certain tips and methods which can help you manage your time well:

The most productive time of the day: Ask yourself which time of the day you can be most productive – morning, afternoon or evening. The morning hours, when the brain is fresh, can be an excellent time for studying subjects which need a lot of memorizing. Lazy afternoons can be good for solving your mathematics problem and gives you enough time to think over the solution. Evenings are good for understanding science concepts and also to learn literature. But nevertheless you need to ask yourself what works for you and divide up your time accordingly to make the most of it.


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