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How to Choose a Summer Camp for your Child

How to Choose a Summer Camp for your Child

Summer vacations are here and while most of us (parents) are happy to have a two-months break from the daily routine of packing school bags, getting the school uniforms ready, waking up early, making breakfast, and sending the kids to school, there are some who feel that some sort of routine is essential during this long break from school. Thus came the idea of summer camps – a place where children will get a chance to nurture their creativity, hone their skills, and learn something new, gaining confidence and preparing to face the challenges of the new school year and life!

These days there are a huge variety of summer camps that one can choose from, ranging from dance and music to physical activities and adventures trips amongst others, and each have their own benefits and advantages. In addition, most of the schools also organise summer camps for their children as well as for the children of other schools. So how do you choose a summer camp that will interest your kid enough to continue it through the vacation?

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Know their hobbies

For young children of five or six years it will be too early to predict their hobbies but you will know where their interest lies – dancing, music, painting or any other activity. So choose a summer camp that will cater to his hobbies so that your child remains interested in the camp and successfully completes it, because at the end of every summer camp the organisers give certificates to all the participants and some prizes to the winners (yes there are competitions and each participant vies for the coveted first position). The competition is healthy and instils in children a competitive streak in a positive manner, thus preparing them for future challenges.


Timing is another important factor when choosing a summer camp. It is observed that young kids, especially those who have moved from Montessori to class I are already dealing with increased school hours and have been looking forward to sleep in during the vacations, and do whatever they want to do. Hence choosing a summer camp that is flexible enough to understand the needs of a child is of a top priority here. The summer camp should not stretch for more than three to four hours a day, as beyond that children start getting bored and restless.


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