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How to Help Your Underweight Toddler Gain Weight

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Making underweight toddlers more and nutritious food

An underweight toddler is one of the biggest worries amongst many mothers today. It may be depressing and stressful at the same time, but finding an appropriate way of dealing with it is quite necessary.

The first step is to actually find out if the toddler really is underweight. This is the work of the doctor, precisely a pediatrician; they take the measurements of the toddler’s weight and height. Both of which are used to determine whether the child is underweight or not.

The doctor also takes into account the readings of the toddler’s earlier measurements and determines whether the measurements have changed positively or not. An acute drop in the weight over a short period of time will more often than not prove that the toddler is indeed underweight.

There are a couple of reasons why toddlers may be underweight.

• A child may be naturally slim because the genes inherited from his parents influence the weight. If parents are skinny, then the child is most likely to be the same; this should not be perceived as an underweight case.

• Illness; if a toddler undergoes a certain disease or sickness, he may lose weight and become very skinny. Putting on weight after he has recovered is appropriate, as it will help him regain his lost weight over a certain period of time.

• Worm infections; presence of worms in a toddler’s alimentary canal may also be a great factor contributing to a child being underweight. This is because the worms consume almost all the food, which the child has taken in. De-worming, on a doctor’s prescription, is a good solution to this.

• Digestive problems; your toddler might be undergoing some serious underlying problems in his igestive system, this needs to be checked as soon as possible so that the toddler does not entirely lose appetite, which could be fatal to the child’s development and health.

Giving your toddler a healthy and balanced diet is the most important thing when addressing the toddler’s weight.

What is a healthy and balanced diet?

• High starch content and carbohydrate foods

• Lean protein such as soft meat

• A dose of calcium at least three times a day, which can be obtained from milk, cheese and even beans

• Six portions of juicy fruits and fresh vegetables a day

• Water or healthy fruit juice


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One thought on “How to Help Your Underweight Toddler Gain Weight

  1. Swati Nitin Gupta

    It is a relevant topic these days and I am worried mom of an underweight toddler. Not that I worry too much — living in a joint family where everyone worries about his eating habits I show some concern but I know that I am trying to give him enough fat and calorie content — sufficient for him to weight gain.


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