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How Cochlear Implants can help children with hearing impairments | ParentEdge


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How to Prepare a Classroom for a Child with a Cochlear Implant

Cochlear India for children with hearing impairment This article has been contributed by Cochlear India (http://www.cochlear.com/wps/wcm/connect/in/home). Cochlear is the global leader in implantable hearing solutions with high-quality products that help implant recipients interact more fully with their world. After more than 25 years of ground breaking innovations, people at Cochlear continue to be passionate about helping people to hear.

Hearing loss in children can have long-lasting effects on learning, development and socialization. With proper care, treatment and attention, children with hearing loss can live healthy, normal lives in the classroom and beyond. While there are different types of hearing loss and treatment approaches, every child suffering from hearing loss should be given special attention and the considerations they deserve.

Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) is the main type of hearing loss that occurs when damage or dysfunction of the inner ear is present. Other kinds of hearing loss include conductive hearing loss and more complex cases that exhibit the characteristics of both SNHL and conductive issues, which is known as mixed hearing loss.

Children suffering from these conditions can develop these issues at any time during childhood. Treatment methods can range from standard hearing aids, and medicine, to surgery or the use of more sophisticated implantable hearing aid devices, like cochlear implants. In many cases, the hearing loss can be treated and the child can live a healthy life with proper hearing abilities.

Preparing the Classroom for a Child with a Cochlear Implant
When you are preparing a classroom for a child with a cochlear implant or similar system, first understand the potential hurdles the child faces in dealing with his/her condition. Sensorineural hearing loss and other conditions can delay development with speech, language understanding and general communication skills. Children who are not properly attentive in the classroom may also develop self-esteem issues, so it is important to monitor the child’s interactions with other children and their overall progress. Click here to learn more.

Early detection and decisive treatment will give physicians a better chance to effectively treat this condition. Once treated, it is important to exercise proper in-classroom care for the child in order to ensure that their hearing loss doesn’t affect their development. Proper in-classroom care can enable the child to hear, listen, participate and learn. It is important that the child sits as close to the teacher as possible, inside the classroom, to be able to listen to and observe what is taught in the best possible manner. Assigning a “hearing buddy” for the child with an implant can be helpful as they could assist the child in difficult listening situations. Other children in the class may take turns in taking this responsibility of assisting the child, which can foster friendships and cooperation.


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