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Interning at ParentEdge

Interning at Parent Edge

Shraddha was the Student Editor of Issue 9 (Nov-Dec 2012) of the magazine.

My sister, Visruthi, the Student Editor of the anniversary issue of ParentEdge, was desperate. She needed someone to interview for a piece, and being the noble, self-sacrificing (ok, not really-it was the seeing my name and pic in a magazine that REALLY attracted me) older sis that I am, I agreed. Fifteen minutes on how I made my career choice (at that time, Law), seemed like a good enough deal, so I right-hoed like a lamb, no questions asked.

Ms. Ramya, the issue editor, called me subsequently, and patiently heard me out as I droned on for something that was a lot more than 15 minutes on how I had woken up one morning and decided that I wanted to be a lawyer, after spending 17 years dreaming of studying literature and becoming a writer. She pressed me for minute details, not knowing that I ramble incomprehensibly when I am excited. She did not lose hope, and at long last, I was out of things to say. And I swear, she didn’t even heave a sigh of relief.

Then came the magic words, “Sraddha, what do you say to interning with us, like Visruthi is?”

I was so thrilled, I could barely muster what I thought was a cool sounding “of course, that’d be great”. What I REALLY wanted to say is, “ARE YOU KIDDING? YES! YES! OH A THOUSAND TIMES YES! YAAAAYYY! JOY TO THE WORLD! PRAISE THE LORD! WHEN CAN I START????”. Even my cool sounding “of course” sounded too eager, for Ms. Ramya laughed and said, “give it a good thinking over and we’ll discuss it at the end of the week.”

Anticipation is the worst. It eats into your consciousness, and eventually all you can think of is the event you are anticipating. After a week that seemed like an eternity, an email popped up into my inbox that elicited a noise from me that sounded a lot like this, “whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

Okay, that sounds like the ghosts you read about in the books for seven year olds, but it is, in reality, the sound of a teenager rejoicing.

And then the work started. My first piece was on ‘places to see’ and I was told it’s a one page article. I smiled, thinking, “I’ll have it done in no time”.

And that’s when the research started. It was fun, but SO exhausting. Nothing seemed to fit the description that Ms. Ramya had sent me, and that combined with a super slow computer made it twice as challenging. At long last, I found something, and then came my favourite part.


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ParentEdge is a bi-monthly magazine for discerning Indian parents who would like to actively contribute to their children’s education, intellectual enrichment and stimulation. The magazine’s premise is that learning is a continuous process, and needs to happen both in and outside of school; thus parents have an important role to play in shaping their children’s interests and intellect.

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