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Interning at ParentEdge

The actual writing of the article took no time, and I sent it in, satisfied with my effort. To my dismay, Ms. Ramya told me that while it was exceptionally good for a first draft, I had overlooked a minute detail in the outline she had given me, and that minute detail, unfortunately, changed the entire theme of the article.

That’s when I learnt my first lesson- always read the description. It is the BIBLE.

After a few iterations, another piece on Dysgraphia came along my way, which was far more detailed and required a lot more research. I rubbed my hands, and buried my head in it. Being a student of Pyschology, most of the research was what I had learnt in the 11th grade, so I could skip directly to the writing, occasionally checking my books or using the internet to clarify some fact.

A landmark during my time at ParentEdge was my first interview. I interviewed a mother and her daughter, who had Dysgraphia. I was nervous but ebullient, and I distinctly remember being very jumpy. Five o clock came and I made the call, reminding myself to stay as professional and detached as possible, so that I don’t begin rambling and I don’t make it awkward.

I am pleased to say I failed miserably in doing both. Their stories had so much emotion, so much depth to it, I felt like I was watching one of Karan Johar’s movies. But I wasn’t. These were real people, with real problems, telling me how they wake up every morning and stare at it in the face. Quite apart from being perfect for my article, I found myself captivated by their narration. It was the first time in my life I found it difficult to put ideas into words, (and that is saying something, because I’ve been writing for as long as I remember), and my fingers couldn’t move fast enough on the keys of my laptop for me to get down all the words I can use to describe what my interviewee was saying.

This is one of the many things ParentEdge gave me. It taught me how to not be an escapist. I would usually avoid a problem if I could help it, but with the exposure I got, I learnt from other people that it isn’t that hard to face a problem. Sure, it’s a real pain when you are actually facing it, but once you are done with it, it feels great.


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