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July – August Vol 5 Issue 1

Student Editor Student Editor – Richa Gupta

Richa Gupta is a sixteen-year-old who is going to start Grade Eleven at The International School, Bangalore. She has an avid interest in creative writing, poetry and classical piano. She also enjoys reading books of all genres and cycling. She regularly posts on her blog ‘A Star in the Galaxy’ http://purplericha.blogspot.in/.


March – April Vol 4 Issue 5

Student Editor Student Editor – Pulari M Baskar

Pulari M Baskar is a 13-year-old who goes to the The School, Krishnamurti Foundation India, in Chennai. She plays the piano, is passionate about music (especially Electronic Dance Music) and is an avid reader. Pulari also enjoys baking and playing basket ball, frisbee and badminton.


January – February Vol 4 Issue 4

Student Editor Student Editor – Ashmita Chatterjee

Ashmita Chatterjee is an 18-year old student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Hotel Management at Stamford International University, Thailand. Prior to this, she graduated from NPS International School, Singapore with an IB diploma. Ashmita enjoys writing, photography and travelling, as well as painting, reading and meeting new people. Apart from interning as the Student Editor at ParentEdge, Ashmita has also been the Editor for her high school yearbook ‘Footsteps’.


September – October Vol 4 Issue 2

Student Editor Student Editor – Mithila Iyer

Mithila Iyer is a 17-year old, studying in Grade XII in Lady Andal Venkatasubba Rao School, Chennai. She describes herself as a ‘bookphile’, and the proud owner of a typewriter! Mithila will fight you on your opinion of Sansa Stark, and loves indie music. She hopes to pursue writing, acting, and epidemiology at Columbia University next fall.


Student EditorStudent Editor – Ramya Ramalingam

Ramya Ramalingam is a 15-year old, studying in Grade X in NPS, Bangalore. She is passionate about reading and writing (often indulging in these activities every spare minute she has), but lest she be called a ‘bookworm’, she also enjoys playing basketball and badminton. This versatile youngster has also been learning Carnatic music for the past nine years, as well as Western classical piano. And as if that weren’t enough, she writes for her music school’s blog and maintains one of her own as well (http://ramyaramalingam.wordpress.com/)!


July – August Vol 4 Issue 1

Student Editor Student Editor – Anushka Ravindran

Anushka Ravindran is a 12-year-old from Bangalore. Her passions include swimming, reading and playing the piano. She also likes cooking, playing badminton, and creative writing.


May – June Vol 3 Issue 6


Student Editor Student Editor – Yogita Dakshina

Yogita Dakshina is graduating from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore this year, having completed her triple major course in Psychology, Journalism and Literature. A music-loving-food-crazy person, she hopes to travel extensively around the world and maybe write a book on local cuisines someday. For now, she believes that books will take her places she has never been to. Yogita aspires to become a travel and culture writer.


March – April Vol 3 Issue 5


Student Editor Student Editor – Honi Joshi

Honi Joshi is an 18-yearold college student studying economics at St. Xavier’s, Mumbai. She describes herself as a ‘voracious reader, truthful writer and foodie who enjoys music and loves to dance.’Her future plans are to edit a politico-economic magazine or be part of the finance sector in some other way.


January – February Vol 3 Issue 4


Student Editor Student Editor – Sakshi Bathija

Sakshi Bathija is a student of the IB Diploma Program at Ecole Mondiale World School in Mumbai. Extremely passionate about writing, she holds the position of Press Head in her school, creating magazines for every event the school organises. She hopes to study Public Relations and dvertising in the US after she completes her high school. Looking forward to travelling the world in the near future, there’s nothing Sakshi enjoys more than exploring new places and new food, and having a great laugh with those around her!


Student Editor Student Editor – Ananya Shankar

Ananya Shankar,15, is a student of Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalyam in Chennai. She is a voracious reader who devours classics and books that are of the macabre genre. She is passionate about world history and horror movies in equal parts. Ananya finds entertainment in walking her dog and hanging around in old and dusty libraries.


November – December Vol 3 Issue 3


Student Editor Student Editor – Aditi Nichani

15-year-old Aditi is a Grade 10 student at Lady Andal School, Chennai. Her daily routine comprises “reading, writing, gossiping, (rather grudgingly) going to school, sleeping and then reading some more!” Aditi takes part in debates to feed her love for arguing and is training in the piano. She also paints and sketches.


September – October Vol 3 Issue 2


Student Editor Student Editor – Shruthi Y

Shruthi Y. is a Grade 12 student at Sri Kumarans Childrens Home (CBSE), Bangalore. She describes herself as an enthusiast — who is always looking for hills to climb, bugs to look at, pictures to click, stories to write and songs to sing. She loves reading and her taste is rather eclectic, so she could give you information on a number of topics, ranging from God Particles to the middle name of a pop star. Shruthi has maintained an e-diary for years now, and hopes to go on to become a journalist.


Student Editor Student Editor – Valliammai Muthuganesan

Valliammai Muthuganesan is a Grade 12 student in Chettinad Hari Shree Vidhyalayam, Chennai. An avid reader since the age of two, she realised that she wanted to be a doctor at the tender age of three and has, since then, been unwavering in her dream. She interns at the Apollo Children Hospitals and also at an eye clinic. Valli has been learning Bharatanatyam since 13 years and for the last one year now, she has also developed an interest in ancient Indian yogic practices.


July – August Vol 3 Issue 1


Student Editor Medha Nainegli Student Editor – Medha Nainegli

Medha is in her second year of electronics engineering. She enjoys life at college, hanging out with her friends and playing lots of badminton. Medha loves books, and is doing a course with The Writer’s Bureau to hone her writing skills. As for future plans, she is not sure at the moment, but lots of story-telling and writing in some capacity will surely be a part of her life.


May – June Vol 2 Issue 6


Student Editor Lasya Karthik Student Editor- Lasya Karthik

Lasya Karthik, 14, is an avid reader, devouring books from many genres. She is particularly fond of Noel Streatfield, Cathy Cassidy and Judith Kerr. Currently in Grade 9 in Lady Andal, Chennai, Lasya has won global recognition for her talent in writing, including the Young Critics Award 2012 from Guardian Newspapers and the UK National Second Prize in the ‘Learning for Life’ competition, and has also had a poem included in an anthology.


Student Editor Tulika Misra

Student Editor – Tulika Misra

Tulika Misra, 16, is a student of science at the Abacus Montessori School, Chennai. She describes herself as a selectively social, quantam physics geek, amateur writer of fiction, Potterhead, classic rock fanatic with a special preference for Led Zeppelin, avid procrastinator, lover of Chinese food and all things British, and a worshipper of Ayn Rand and Christopher Nolan, with a deep affinity for hot showers and libraries.


January – February Vol 2 Issue 4


Student Editor- Sahana Venugopal

Sahana Venugopal is a 16-year old Grade 10 student in Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam, Chennai. She is an aspiring writer who has self-published a teen horror novel, “I Watched you Die”. Sahana loves watching thought provoking movies from around the world; in fact she filmed the book trailer for her novel herself. Trained in Carnatic Music and the veena, she is also learning Kalaripayattu, a martial art-form from Kerala. Sahana is passionate about debating and travelling and can get pulled into a book’s alternative reality no matter where she is!


November – December Vol 2 Issue 3


Student Editor- Sraddha Venkataraman

Sraddha is an eighteen-year-old humanities student from Mumbai. She relishes good books and is an incurable chocoholic. She finds nothing more relaxing and comforting than indulging in romcoms or sitcoms on a rainy day. Sraddha is passionate about writing, and finds inspiration for it in little things in daily life. She hopes to pursue literature in college, and eventually become a writer and also a Professor of English.


September – October Vol 2 Issue 2


Student Contributors For this issue, we did something different and used a number of Student Contributors instead of a single Student Editor.

  • Aanandita Vaghani, an 18-year old from a top Mumbai-based international school, contributed the thought-provoking article on dyslexia. Aanandita was, incidentally, the Student Editor of Issue 6 as well.
  • Aditya Sirish A.Y., 16 years, Bangalore, sent in an interesting and fun-filled article for Hobby Horse on how to make your own ‘ship in a bottle’ at home. He also did some background research for the informative ‘Children and the Environment’ article.
  • Chinmayi Suri is a 15-year old student from Bangalore who contributed some interesting book reviews. She also wrote a comprehensive and information-packed article on ‘Learning at Home through Everyday Activities’ for our Building Blocks feature, as well as our Cross Roads feature on ‘Careers in Design’.
  • Madhushruthi Neelakantan, 16 years, Chennai compiled interviews for the Xchange debate on ‘Academic Excellence versus All-Round Development’.
  • Meghna Menon, a smart and outgoing 19-year old from Bangalore did some extensive and commendable research for the cover story on creativity and was instrumental in pulling all the various parts together to make a coherent whole.
  • Sahana Venugopal, aged 15, is a bright and enthusiastic youngster from Chennai who put together a number of articles as well – Places to See and Scrumptious. She also took the work done by Aditya on ‘Children and the Environment’ further and successfully gave the piece form and body.


July – August Vol 2 Issue 1


Student Editor – Visruthi R

Visruthi loves reading and writing, music and acting and ‘cold-ice-cream-on-a hot-sunny-day-at-the-beach’. She spends a lot of time indulging in a guilty pleasure – Disney movies! Having moved up to Grade 12, Visruthi will spend most of this year with her nose buried deep into her books. As for the future, she plans to make a career in human resources or sales and marketing, but wants to stay in India whatever happens.


May – June Vol 1 Issue 6


Student Editor – Anandita Vaghani

Anandita is a Grade XI student pursuing the IB programme in Mumbai. Writing has been Anandita’s passion for as long as she can remember- a dog eared journal that she has maintained from primary school stands testimony to this! And when she cannot put her emotions into words, she sings her heart out. Travelling and experiencing new cultures is of great interest to Anandita- her dream is to travel the world and write a book about it someday. A budding psychologist, Anandita aspires to understand the way people’s minds work in the near future.


March – April Vol 1 Issue 5


Student Editor – Mahima Viswanathan

Mahima is currently smack-dab in the middle of her CBSE Grade 12 exams in Chennai. Besides academics and writing, she also enjoys reading, climbing trees, word puzzles, music, animals, pointless arguments (think egg and the chicken), conspiracy theories and dark chocolate. A national level swimmer, she hopes to clog the Brain Drain in India by pursuing psychology in Chennai.


January – February Vol 1 Issue 4


Student Editor – Shreyas Muzumdar

Shreyas Muzumdar studies in grade 12 in Indus International School, Bangalore. He is heavily into physical activities and enjoys football, golf and swimming as well as bboying. A lover of the outdoors, he indulges in trekking, hiking and long walks. When he needs a break from the physical world, he turns to video games, movies, and reading and writing. A total computer geek, Shreyas programmes for fun! Good food and meeting friends are also very important parts of his life


Student Editor – Darshini R

Darshini R is a grade 12 student in Sri Kumaran Children’s Home in Bangalore, in the CBSE stream. Alongside her writing, she also learns the Bharatanatyam. She loves food, cricket and Indian movies! She already has an eye to her future and wishes to continue her higher education in pure science, Focussing on biology. Darshini is confident that she will be actively involved in environmental awareness issues of the future, and hopes to play a contributory role.


November – December Vol 1 Issue 3


Student Editor – Amrutha Sivakumar

Amrutha Sivakumar is a grade 12 student, studying in the IBDP curriculum at Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai. She pursues a number of interests apart from her academics – she loves to play the piano, watching movies and TV shows, and reading good books. Amrutha hopes to go abroad next year to study western classical music and economics.


September – October Vol 1 Issue 2


Student Editor – Divija Lahe

Divija Lahe is a 17-year-old who studies Economics at the University of Nottingham, UK. She loves music and has trained in Hindustani and Carnatic vocal music. She also plays the guitar and is part of a band. Other than music, she loves reading, eating, writing, blogging, sleeping, sarcasm, Brad Pitt, ice cream and just being a teenager!


July – August Vol 1 Issue 1


Student Editor – Shruthi Badri

Shruthi Badri is a Class XII student who is passionate about the Environment, and loves to dabble in Western Classical Music (singing) and Baking. We are sure you will like her writing in this mag. For more, check out www.shruthibadri.wordpress.com. (Blog name: Of Vada Pavs).