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Intertwining Journeys

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* From Google images

ParentEdge turned two this month. When I look back at the time that I have spent on ParentEdge, it seems to me that my journey with the magazine shares a lot of similarities with my parenting journey.

When I was asked to come on board the Editorial Panel of PE, I was super-excited and all charged up and gung-ho. This was going to be a great experience – one that would change my life around and give new meaning to my life. Much like what I thought parenting would involve when I was pregnant with my daughter.

It was only when I actually started working on the magazine that I realized that yes, PE was all this, but also so much more – it was really hard work and demanded a lot of attention and effort! Much like my daughter when she was born.

And it took up so many of my waking hours – even when I was not actually working on an article or planning one, I was thinking about topics and themes and angles. My mind was running at high speed through ideas and plans for future issues. Much like when I dreamed of a future for my daughter.

I remember my excitement when my first issue hit the stands – I loved holding the magazine in my hands, seeing the glossy pictures, re-reading the articles for the hundredth time – but this time in print  – and simply inhaling the smell of a mint-fresh magazine that was the culmination of so much of effort and passion – mine and the rest of the PE team’s. Much like I loved to cuddle my daughter and inhale that sweet baby smell….

And the stress as I work on issue after issue! Managing student interns, cajoling interviewees, looking around for qualified experts, begging team-members for just one more review or one more absolutely last and final favour, pushing the recalcitrant ones, nail-biting finishes as we rush to get each issue out on time. Getting out each issue requires so much of team effort, determination, and discipline and demands so much of every team member – all the passion and dedication they can offer is not enough. Much like bringing up my child demands every ounce of passion, love, attention and dedication that my husband and I can give, and it’s still not enough….


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Kritika Srinivasan is an Editor at ParentEdge. She has her hands full with an active young child and her writing. She is keenly interested in ways to engage and stimulate children to keep their lively and intelligent minds busy.

2 thoughts on “Intertwining Journeys

  1. Sudha Kumar

    Very interesting analogy Kritika and very relatable! Your passion for ParentEdge is evident. Thank you for being a part of the team and to many more years of working together to take our magazine to new heights :)

  2. Ignatius Fernandez

    Congratulations on your second anniversary! Each milestone is a reminder of the travails endured and the long road ahead. I liked the metaphor in your post – PE and your daughter. Well written! The metaphor was sustained – the mark of a good writer.
    Let me wish PE and your daughter the very best as they take on the future!
    God bless.
    Ignatius Fernandez.

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