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Invest in your Child’s Today

Every parent wants to give the best to her child. Your life is focused on giving your little one the best you can within your reach, whether your child appreciates this fact at present or not. Your day is so full and busy, whether you belong to a business class, service class or are a home maker. Your ‘to-do-list’ is pretty long and unending. So as to make everything possible available to your little one, you keep on running the mad-race every day.But, many times, in the rush to do this, you you fail to give your child what he needs the most- ‘Your Time’.

Just pause for a few moments and introspect, do you actually give time to your child? Do you listen to him when he is talking to you or do you just keep nodding your head? Are you mentally alert when you are with your child or do your thoughts keep you away from him even though you are sitting beside him? Do you get annoyed very soon even if your child makes a small mistake? Do you later feel that your reaction was too loud and unreasonable? Your answer to the above questions will tell whether or not you give the so called ‘quality time’ to your child.

These days many working parents are often heard saying that they give Quality Time to their child. Many find this term assuages their guilt as their day is fully packed with other activities, such that they have hardly any time available for their little one. It is undoubtedly true that earning a livelihood these days is not easy, with needs and expenses soaring high. But it is our duty to understand where to draw the line. It is our duty to prioritize our commitments. It is our duty to understand the difference between our Need and Greed. While the former is limited, the latter has no end.

There is another category of parents who think that they can give ample time to their children on the weekends, so what if they are busy during the weekdays. For them I would say that it is the same as eating the whole week’s food on a single day. Your child needs your time in everyday simple activities, just as your body needs food every day. Out of all the other necessities of your child’s life, one of the most important is ‘Your Time’. So it is your duty to make room for the same.


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Raina Bajaj has worked in the education sector for many years now. Working with children in their formative years has given her insight into in understanding children’s needs, aspirations, desires and psychology. It is her belief that what we teach our children is not always important, but how we teach them makes a huge difference in shaping their overall personality.

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  1. sangeeta

    Every article you write seems as though its me speaking out my thoughts-really love what you say regarding parenting and bringing up one’s kids.Am sure many young couples must be benefitting a lot by going through your website.Kudos!!Keep it going!!!


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