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Jazz up your pics

The last time around I had blogged about how to take great photos of your children. This time, continuing the theme, I would like to spend some time on what to do with your pictures after clicking them. Is putting them into albums the only use you can think of for the pictures? Think again! There are numerous funky ways to utilize them. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds giving rise to unusual utilization of every day objects. Here are some ideas of how you can use your photographs:

Make a scrap book: This is an extended album in which the photograph is accompanied by small comments or write-ups. They are very good to display the photographs of a specific occasion, say a first birthday party or a memorable vacation. Here along with notes, describing the moment captured in the picture, you can also attach keepsakes like the invitation card or a memento from a beach holiday. Many customized scrap books are available in the market.  You can also use any bound notebook. Hand made paper ones look classier. Scrap books prove to be a delightful thing to go through years after the event and relive the moments through its pages.

Upload it: In the shrinking world of today, online albums are a great way to keep connected.  The paper photographs are scanned and the scanned images saved. In case of digital cameras, scanned images can directly be uploaded to the computer.  There are many websites that maintain online photo albums. You can upload these scanned images on to these sites. The photographs can be managed and arranged as per the user’s requirement.  Now these uploaded albums can be shared through email with your family and friends all over the world. Some of the sites for online albums are shutterfly.com, yahoo.com, google.com etc. Some companies like HP are also entering Indian markets with photo manipulation sites like snapfish.co.in.

 Blow it up: Cute pictures of family and friends can be turned into lovely posters. Get a photograph enlarged as per your desire. This enlarged picture can either be framed or laminated. Either way, it makes for an interesting show piece on the walls to be enjoyed daily.

On the shelf: Nowadays photographs can be printed on a variety of items. These include mugs, coasters, place mats, plates, posters, tablemats etc. They can even be printed on tee-shirts to make a style statement.  Kids specially like such customized items in their possession.  The sky is the limit really. You can have mouse pads, calenders and key chains too personalized in this manner.

 On the computer: The digital images of photographs can be uploaded on the computer. Here they can be placed as a wall paper, as a permanent reminder on your screen.  Alternatively they can be placed as screensavers. A bunch of photographs can be stringed up together with specialized software to form a personalized screensaver.

 Art Matters: Specialized software and a printer can transform a humdrum photograph to look like a pencil sketch or a water color. So you can get the photograph of your favorite niece converted to a pencil sketch! Put it up in a lovely, carved frame and you have an art masterpiece in hand.

 Magnetism: Print photographs on sticker paper. Use a graphics program to design photos as per the size of a fridge magnet. Decorate it with designs and witty words. Print out on the sticker paper. Cut the shapes and transfer them on the magnets. Viola! We have our very own personalized refrigerator magnets.

 Bumper stickers: Inkjet bumper sticker paper can be used to make personalized bumper stickers for the car. Import your photo in the graphics program. Use cool fonts and graphics to design the rest of your stickers. Print out on the inkjet printer. Spray with acrylic sealant to seal in the colors.

 Greetings : Make personalized greetings cards with the help of the photos. Decorate the card with glitter and other craft material. Stick in the photo in the center. A card having the picture of the grandchild will make a lovely gift for the doting grandma.

So, get along. Use your photograph in a more imaginative way and include those lovely memories in your daily life.


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