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karadi Tales

karadI tales

Age Group: 3-6 years

Title of the series – Karadi Tales

Author – Various

English and Bilingual versions, Ack Media

A delightful collection that recreates the joy of Indian storytelling, each colourfully illustrated book has an audio book to go with it. A thoroughly enjoyable way to pass the time with children who can’t read themselves yet, and with children who can – but still like to use the audio books as read-along guides and entertaining accompaniments.

There are multiple titles to choose from. You can try the mythology series which takes a child-friendly approach to our epics, the ‘Under the Banyan’ series which features folktales from various parts of India, or the picture book series. Whatever you choose, you can be sure of having the lovable Karadi (Bear) accompany you on your journey, narrating the stories, bringing them to life with a few tasteful songs interspersed along the way, even tapping his stick to remind you to turn the pages.