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Keeping kids busy in the holidays…without summer camps

You could also try cooking simple recipes with your child and help them learn some basic cooking skills. You could introduce them to the joy of gardening—planting, watering and tending a plant and waiting for it to flower and bear fruit can be magical for young children—but take care to choose something that is easy to grow and has a short growing season. If your child likes drawing, colouring and painting, stock up on art materials and help them explore their capabilities for self-expression in their chosen medium. Also, organize board games with the neighbourhood kids—this will enable the child to mingle with peers, and give you a break!

Summer camps introduce kids to a whole range of activities and help them discover their interests and abilities and are now a given for most children living in urban/metropolitan areas. But if you lack access to such camps, talk to your child and come up with activities to keep them occupied during the holidays. Allow the child to choose what they want to do to keep them interested. And, most important, keep it relaxed and enjoyable…and you will create a memorable vacation that your child is bound to remember with pleasure in the years to come!


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S A Sudha is a content writer/editor and helps create marketing collateral for clients from different verticals. Sharing her varied and, at times, volatile parenting experiences, and reading about the parenting adventures of other parents has helped her to look at issues from a different perspective, and gain valuable insights on how to connect with teens. While not arguing with her teen, she loves to read, listen to music and watch Hindi movies.

3 thoughts on “Keeping kids busy in the holidays…without summer camps

  1. Sudha Kumar

    Great post Sudha. Full of practical tips. Took me back to the time I was looking for ways and means to keep my kids engaged. For children who live in communities like apartments, community activities are also a possibility. High schoolers can try their hand at some projects or internships too.

    1. S A Sudha Post author

      Thank you. I have also heard of volunteer programs for high school kids conducted by NGOs. These programs help create awareness and make them empathetic towards the underprivileged. Volunteering is also known to build self confidence of the child. Parents too can get involved.


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