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Kick out the KIK App from your child’s phone: Online safety

Chat on your own terms with Kik! The ultimate attraction I must say! What do our kids need – things on their terms. And this app lets them chat with people on their terms. No rules, no force attached. If you want to chat, you can; if you don’t want to, leave! Something that they are not allowed to do anywhere else.

No phone numbers, just usernames!  Another big high for teens and even kids who don’t have their own phone but play games on their parents, grandparents or uncle and aunts phones. They just have to create the username and remember the password and they are registered on the app.

Filters that let you decide who to talk to This can be a two-sided sword, as it lets the child decide whether they want to talk to their known friends or make some unknown friends who seem to be kind, and comforting.

Share what you like! Another feature that lets the child share whatever he or she wants to share with the world and at the same time wants to stay anonymous.

Start a public group chat for up to 50 people with just a #hashtag or create a private group! Kids, especially teens and pre-teens are quite fascinated with words like private and privacy and so when an app gives them an opportunity to create a private group they are bound to leap at it and go for it.

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What can parents do to stop our kids from becoming victims?

  • Monitor the time your kid spends on smart phones, tablets, ipads and laptops or any other gadget that you have.
  • These days most of the gadgets come with an option for parental control so read the user manual carefully or ask the vendor for those settings.
  • Don’t let small children have their own personal gadgets, as that increases their risk. In addition they should be encouraged to go out and play rather than sit at home and play with gadgets.
  • From time to time keep monitoring your child’s friends both online and offline so that if you find something strange you can act in a timely manner and protect your child from getting into some serious troubles.

I hope this post helps all the parents become aware of the dangers lurking online when their kids are busy surfing various sites. Happy Parenting!


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One thought on “Kick out the KIK App from your child’s phone: Online safety

  1. sia

    Internet is a scary place.for good parenting we refer to our parents. But we find no such corelation while tackling the social media. The wisest course would be to educate the child about the pitfalls very clearly


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