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Bringing Montessori Methods Home


While many parents today accept the wisdom and benefits of a Montessori education for their children, did you know that they can learn a lot too by understanding Montessori principles and trying to inculcate these into their child-raising techniques? This is what one school is advocating.

Roots Montessori is a chain of pre-schools that has eight branches in Bangalore. It is run by Pranothi and Pruthvi Banwasi, along with trained adults from the Indian Montessori Training Course (IMTC). A few years ago Roots organised weekly workshops for parents on the Montessori Method. This became such a huge success with the attendees that Roots decided to start its own Knowledge Centre, to not only train teachers in the Montessori method, but to also conduct training and workshops for parents and anyone else interested!

Managing Director Pruthvi Banwasi MD was a part of Montessori Directors Training Course and taught at IMTC. He has also been a facilitator for a branch of IMTC(R) at Roots Montessori. Director Pranothi Banwasi is a gold medalist and trained Montessorian who believes in creating the right environment for education. Add to this the expertise brought in by Chairman Prof. Manohar Deshmukh, a senior educationist, and by the experienced Principal Kokila Amarnath of Roots Academy – and RKC can offer a lot to parents in this field.

What is the rationale behind the Roots Knowledge Centre (RKC) that trains adults in the Montessori Method?

The Roots family felt that in the past few years, the number of mushrooming Montessori courses had been diluting the good work of esteemed organisations, by creating a lot of inconsistency and deterioration in training quality. There seemed to be no screening of the adults who applied — why they wanted to do the course, their background, etc. And most of the people who graduated from such courses seemed to lack practical knowledge and have an incomplete understanding of the various facets of child development! In short, it seemed that the existing training centres were more bothered about numbers and self-growth rather than the right Montessori methods!

Additionally, there was too much focus on the technical aspects of the method, while child psychology and issues faced by educators in these changing times were not given much importance. And finally, there was a lack of confidence amongst the graduates regarding the concepts and practical aspects of working in/setting up a school.

Root’s pedigree when it comes to Montessori methods is unquestionable. With their experience of over nine years in the education space, the Roots team has a lot to offer to aspiring educators, parents and professionals working in this field. So Roots decided to take on the onus of creating a comprehensive Montessori training course that would offer the highest quality — a standardised curriculum, a complete understanding of the individual who enrolls for the course, and a guaranteed internship / job placement at the end of it. And thus Roots Knowledge Centre was created — with the objective of equipping committed adults with more information about the child and his intelligence, along with the Montessori know-how.


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