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Bringing Montessori Methods Home

How are the parents of Roots children benefitting from this training facility?

For the past seven years, Roots has created unique orientation programmes for parents. With the setting up of RKC, this programme is now held every Saturday between 10:30 am and 12:30pm. It also conducts workshops by invitation at schools, educational institutions or even apartment complexes.

Through these workshops, parents gain an understanding of the Montessori philosophy and also advice on how to follow the same practices at home. RKC keeps in touch with parents on a regular basis — the experts meet with them individually and in groups to help them understand how they can participate in their child’s learning process. Roots says that most of the parents are very interactive — not only do they follow suggestions, but also give useful feedback that enables the Montessori method to truly seep into the child.

More importantly, as Namitha Akshanthalu, Project Head, Montessori Training at the RKC states: “Parents need to mirror the Montessori philosophy as we understand it, back at home too. It is important for this to happen so as not to confuse the child during his foundation stage. Both parents should be in sync with the Montessori school to understand what they need to convey to the child. A happy child is one who lives in a positive and happy environment, and that is possible only when parents help educate themselves in this busy world.”

Parents can drop off their children at school and then attend the course at the Centre. For those who do not want to enroll in the course, RKC runs a library stocked with useful resources; parents are also encouraged to attend one-off workshops to understand some aspects of Montessori education.

What has been the feedback from this programme?

RKC has had wonderful feedback from parents on these workshops. They have found the workshops interesting and of immense value — helping them raise their children in a stress-free manner, and to be successful, well-rounded individuals.

“We moved our child from a traditional schooling system to Roots Academy after attending the workshop. The insight we gained made us wonder why we were tormenting our child when she can learn so much when given freedom and without parental pressure. The course has benefitted our family and the way we live too,” sums up C. Rajashankar, a parent of Roots Academy.

“We not only enjoyed the parenting workshop conducted by Pruthvi Banwasi, but also learnt how a lot of our assumptions about our child were incorrect. It has given us good insight into our approach to parenting, which has changed post the workshop!”

Anuradha Krishna, Parent, 8th Block Roots Montessori


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