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E-Learning for High School Students

So there you have it in a nutshell – the incredible power of the internet and how it can be harnessed to educate and enrich you. E-learning resources and courses allow you to get so much more out of your education today, widen your horizons and get a taste of college life and the world out there by just sitting in your chair at home. Even if you feel you are not ready to register for an open, online course, don’t underestimate the sheer number of resources available online – project ideas, pointers and resources for field research, and tutorials. Don’t limit yourself to what you learn in the classroom – go online and discover and explore your interests and passions!

Medha Nainegli, an engineering student from Bangalore wanted to pursue her passion for writing alongside getting her degree. So she enrolled with The Writer’s Bureau (http://www.writersbureau.com/) in a course that would train her to become a professional freelance writer. Nainegli says that during the course, students were expected to write on a wide range of topics, from articles for women’s magazines to travel writing to restaurant reviews to covering features for newspapers. A teacher assigned to each student helped them with every article they submitted. Writer’s Bureau provided modules that gave many useful tips on how to improve presentation, strengthen your article in terms of content, and increase the chances of your piece getting accepted for publication. “What a student needs for this course is dedication, an interest in writing and a good command of the English Language. A few hours every week are necessary to complete the assignments. The course may take anywhere from 1 to 3 years for completion, depending on your speed,” says Nainegli. Nainegli points out that enrolling for this course has helped her in a number of ways: her writing skills have improved; she now writes more regularly, and also more professionally; she has gained knowledge about how to submit articles for publication, approach people for interviews, and bend her articles to suit a specific magazine’s needs.

- Sakshi Bathija

Recommended e-learning resources and courses:

http://video.mit.edu – lectures and videos from MIT professors
www.skillshare.com – some of the courses here need to be paid for


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