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Homeschooling – For and Against

“A sense of comfort with adults and a noncompetitive attitude towards other children. Assured of their parents’ attention and time, homeschooled children are neither clingy nor insecure.”

Do you feel there are enough resources to tap, in India?
“I have made some good friends through the homeschooling group and it has helped to share concerns and experiences that are common and unique to this method. In terms of actual educational resources, the internet has been a boon.”

What is your view on this statement:‘Homeschooled children miss out on social interac tion with peers?’
“At school, my children would only meet children their own age. Now, my children socialise with people older and younger to them. My daughter goes for badminton classes, where she has a whole bunch of friends. A school is not the only avenue to strike friendships.”
“Firstly, I believe that peers are not just those of the same age group but peers in intellect and also in values. Secondly, if the child has had great exposure to different kinds of people and experiences and is able to engage with people and the world around, that itself becomes a “peer” interaction.”

What fac tors would influence you to consider mainstream schooling?
“No, I would not consider this method of schooling. In school there is little onus on the child to take responsibility for hereducation. In homeschooling you will find children driving education themselves.” “Inclusive and skill-based education. Childcentric curriculum.”

“Other parents and I who have taken this step of home schooling truly and deeply believe that we cannot abdicate the responsibility of our children’s learning to what is essentially a system.”

No to homeschooling

These are the views of Sunandini Balan, Yogini, Shikha Mehta (Mumbai) and Kaushalya Neelakantan (Chennai).

What does ‘Homeschooling’ mean to you?
“Parents don the role of teachers and teach their children at home, without sending them to school.”

“Parents form a group and take turns to conduct classes for their children.”

What does school education provide for children that homeschooling cannot?
“Opportunity to interact with people other than parents, teaches social behaviour.”

“Exposure, interaction with other children both for study and play, inculcate a sense of competition.”

“Exposure. School incorporates a formal environment and instills discipline. Home schooling is protective as the mother is bound to be a greater source of comfort than a teacher in school. A home schooling environment maybe informal and playful.”


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