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Homeschooling – For and Against

“Inculcate discipline. There are tonnes of distractions at home – TV, computer, etc. At school you have no choice but to follow the time table and study.”

Will you consider homeschooling for your children?
“No. I don’t think I can play the role of a teacher as efficiently as a trained teacher can. Moreover, children have set ideas about the roles of a mother and a teacher. If the mother were to manage both these roles, the child will not be able to comprehend the shift of roles. Plus, the time that the child is in school is an opportunity for a mother to have some time for herself. If she were to lose out on this time, then it could get quite frustrating, unless she is very passionate about homeschooling her child.”

“Not sure. Homeschooling is good, provided you can devote the kind of time it demands. Perhaps with the cost of education increasing, people may shift in favour of homeschooling.” “Can be considered as a supplementary activity; it cannot, however, replace mainstream school. School implies stepping out of the house, which helps children in the long run. Homeschooling is not popular in India, so down the line the child will anyway have to go to a formal institute. Schools help children adapt to a formal way of learning early on.”

“No, I will not try homeschooling. Children don’t listen to parents. If I say something my daughter will say I’m pestering her but if her teacher tells her the same thing she will take it in a positive way. Teenagers, especially, find it hard to relate to their parents. And I think it’s very important for children to socialise and mingle with children of their age – something they enjoy doing at school.”

“While our present education system is far from perfect I do not think homeschooling is the solution. More than schools, I think the fault lies with overly competitive parents – they compare children’s marks and berate them constantly for not-so great performances. The focus should also be on other things – how the child participates in class, how much of knowledge he has retained after writing a test and so on.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth

The parents have aired their views on Homeschooling, but, we at ParentEdge, wanted the student’s perspective. Ayesha Thomas has just crossed the threshold into college life, and she is at Sophia College Mumbai for a B.A. in English Literature. She went to a regular ICSE school for 12 years, until six months before her tenth grade exams. She opted for homeschooling after that (for two and a half years) and went on to win the top place in India for English in both the ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels exams (conducted by IGCSE).


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