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Left-handed children: making it easier for them

left-handed“Discrimination, everywhere. Based on caste, sex or religion. And now on internet service provider. It is too much.” I was chaffing over the Net Neutrality issue and how a basic freedom of the common man was in severe jeopardy.

“Mom, there are some discriminations which are not yet being recognised in general” Darling Daughter chirped in.

“Unrecognised discriminations? Pray what are they?” this was a new one.

“You just have to see how the world discriminates against left handed people.”

“Really how?”

Darling Daughter is naturally left handed.

“Well today I went for my first class. It was in a big room with chairs arranged for the students.  It was one of those chairs that have a kind of flap which you can use to keep your notebook and jot down the notes. Guess which side the flap was.”

With a sinking heart the answer to the question came up from my mouth, “Right”

DD was vehement, “Not so right for the poor left-handed populace. Try and write on a seat with the flap on the left. The whole world is built to disfavour us left hand walas.”

In her baby days when it dawned on us that she preferred to use her left hand, there was a mini commotion. All varieties of elders and betters took it upon themselves to advice and counsel us.

“Eating with her Left hand!!! But that’s the dirty hand no baba. You have to see that you make her eat with her right hand.”

“Left handed children are duffers”

“Masi, Amitabh Bachchan and Bill Gates are left handed.”

I am naturally bull-headed. You only have to suggest something that “I Have to do”, to make me do just the opposite. No one was going to force my princess into doing something against her will. Like choosing which hand to eat with.

But with motherhood comes the instinct to do the best for your offspring. All these comments and advice made me a trifle unsure.  So I consulted experts, read up books and trolled the internet. At the end of my research I reached a conclusion that the choice of which hand to choose rests entirely with the baby. In fact parents do more harm than good in trying to change the natural preference. This much was enough for me to stand like a shield between DD and the nay Sayers.

However 9 out of 10 children are right-handed. So there is a natural inclination for making things and equipment for the majority population.


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