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For children above eight years:
Let children take the lead in this case; parents only need to support.
• During an outing or trip, you can pay attention and make notes
– What made the child happy
– How the child made someone happy
– How child asked for help from someone or offered help to someone
– What are the top learnings
– New people that the child met
– Speciality of the place visited, some unique and interesting information etc.
• Identify a story line and collect suitable pictures. You can also make multiple stories.
• The child could be encouraged to type out the sentences using a desktop document management software. The parents could help out with the tyoing and arranging the pictures on alternate pages.
• A book with 30-40 pages will be great.
• Use a big sized font for better readability.
• Take test prints in black and white mode on A4 size paper using the landscape print option.
• Then proceed to take colour prints. You could get the sheets bound in book form.

For children of all ages:
• You could add a picture of the child (the author!) with a few sentences about him/her.

• Read the book along with the child, if the child is below eight years. Children above eight years can arrange a book reading meetup with family and friends.
• Make multiple copies of the book and gift it to grand parents, teachers. Don’t forget to send us copies too!!!
Heartiest congratulations in advance to your child and yourself for authoring your first book jointly!

– Prabhat Mandal


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