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The best gift to give your child is a wise and knowledgeable parent | ParentEdge


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Letters to my Daughter: Best Gift I Could Give my Daughter – Gift of a Knowledgeable and Wise Parent

This is a letter I wrote to my daughter and subsequently posted on my personal blog. I wrote this letter to teach her to value life, learning and wisdom more than material valuables. On her 2nd birthday I gave her the best gift I could have thought of. It was the gift of a promise to make myself a better and a more knowledgeable mother with each passing day.

I hope you remember your 2nd Birthday. If not I have documented some of it here. I had organized a minion party which was a huge hit. You and your friends had a great time. A lot of planning and organizing went into it. When all the arrangements were thought through and finalized I started to think about your gift. Clothes, shoes, toys, books, cycle, remote car, piano ….what could I buy you? Alhamdulillah ! you had these already….. Finally I bought ‘ Glimpses of World History – by Jawaharlal Nehru’. 

blogger-image-1676549900I ordered the book to office. When it got delivered my colleagues were surprised that this was a gift for you. They all said Zayb is too small to read this book. I understood what they meant but I did not order the book as a direct gift to you. My gift to you was the gift of a knowledgeable and wise parent. Only if I aimed at acquiring more and more knowledge and wisdom can I hope to raise you into a wise and intelligent human being. 

You may ask why didn’t I buy a book on Vedic math or geometry or logarithms or physics or bio. Instead I got myself a book on world history. Why? Because what man is, only history tells (George Moose). 

I believe there are two types of educations, one that teaches us to earn our livelihood and the other that teaches us to live. You can acquire education needed to earn a livelihood from academic institutions. But your first and perhaps primary source of education on life will be me for at least your growing up years. And hence since I had you I have tried extra hard at becoming a better person, becoming wiser, becoming smarter……I can’t assure you the smartest and most knowledgeable mother. But what I can do is assure you that you have a mother who is open, willing and eager to learn and pass it on. My growth as a person will be my biggest gift to you year on year.


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Zeffirra works with a private equity firm, is married to a workaholic surgeon and is a mother to a beautiful girl. Her days are crazy, juggling between work, home, her darling daughter, family and friends. Zeffirra believes in not dwelling on the past and not worrying about the future. Instead, she focuses on the present which is truly a ‘present’ from above. Zeffirra created an email ID for her daughter on the latter's birth, and has been writing regularly to her about their lives and about the things she wants her daughter to know about. Read Zeffirra's blogs, in which she shares her ‘present’ in the form of letters to her daughter. Zeffirra's personal blog can be accessed on http://iheartmypresent.blogspot.in

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