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Letters to My Daughter: Learn to Love Yourself

Though I want you to love yourself immensely and never ever indulge in self-hate, I want you to remember that loving yourself is not the same as being SELFISH. Loving yourself is the healthy balance between Vanity and Selfishness.  Remember ‘All that remains in the lives of SELFISH  people is SELF’.

Always remember that no matter what Mummy will always love you…..


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Zeffirra works with a private equity firm, is married to a workaholic surgeon and is a mother to a beautiful girl. Her days are crazy, juggling between work, home, her darling daughter, family and friends. Zeffirra believes in not dwelling on the past and not worrying about the future. Instead, she focuses on the present which is truly a ‘present’ from above. Zeffirra created an email ID for her daughter on the latter's birth, and has been writing regularly to her about their lives and about the things she wants her daughter to know about. Read Zeffirra's blogs, in which she shares her ‘present’ in the form of letters to her daughter. Zeffirra's personal blog can be accessed on http://iheartmypresent.blogspot.in

One thought on “Letters to My Daughter: Learn to Love Yourself

  1. Ignatius Fernandez

    Zeffirra, please accept my compliments on your simple, yet profound sharing with your daughter. I hope she profits from the wisdom in it. I like the way you arrive at our uniqueness. You are right. God does not make clones. He meant us to be different, and to find our purpose in life. I hope readers of your post will gain from your experience! I have. God bless.


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