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Festivals and events
For families living in apartments, festival time is celebration time. If you live in an independent house,
the child will have only the immediate family to interact with. Also, the child gets a chance to celebrate only the festivals traditionally celebrated by the family. On the other hand, in an apartment, a Marathi family gets to experience Onam (a festival traditionally celebrated by Malayalis) and the Malayali families enjoy Ganesh Chaturthi!

National holidays such as Independence Day, New Year’s Day etc. are celebrated as events by residents’
associations. These serve as a common platform for children to showcase their talents.

Cultural Factors
Cultural factors play a vital role in the development of a child. In most apartments in major cities, there is always a healthy mix of people from diverse cultures. That gives you the following benefits.

More cultures to interact with
Imagine seeing only one type of culture and tradition all through your childhood! That limits your development. On the other hand, in an apartment, children get to witness and participate in traditions
and cultures of people from diverse backgrounds. This plays a vital role in making the child broadminded and more tolerant towards the cultural sentiments of others.

Builds character and civic sense
Because children are living with multiple other families, they will have a firm understanding of what privacy means and the significance of not breaching it. Such children will often be better behaved and
will think twice before playing music at high volume, for example. Children also get a chance to participate in community initiatives such as waste management or rejuvenation of lakes in the
neighbourhood. In short, children raised in apartments are more proactive about making the world a better place.

Fosters Independence in Children
Self reliance
In large apartment complexes, most basic necessities are available within the gates. Parents can send their children to fetch something from the shops without any worry or tension in their minds. In independent houses, the thought of children crossing busy lanes to reach a shop is in itself worry inducing!

Exploring opportunities
Setting up stalls to display their arts and crafts, conducting personal research projects, and in general, pursuing their pursuits and passions is easier for children in a protected, guarded environment.

Easier For Parents
Given that independent houses do not have guards stationed, it falls upon parents to see to the safety of their young. Once children are back from school, there’s the need for one grown up to be present
at home to oversee the kids. Parental presence is mandatory in independent houses. If not parents, some adult will need to be appointed to supervise the kids.

This isn’t always the case in apartments. Most schools drop children off at the gates of the apartment. From there, children can navigate to their apartment easily. Guards are around all the time to see to
their safety. If the child is above 12 years, working parents can have a buffer of an hour or so to reach home after their child.


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