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Making Fun, Electrical Stuff

Summer months often mean long afternoons spent indoors to escape the relentless heat. So why not try your hand at making something? Here’s how you can do something constructive while having fun!
A portable fan You will need:

  • A small container/jar of capacity 250 or 500 ml (with lid)
  • A piece of pipe or any sturdy hollow cylinder (open at both ends)
  • Wires from old electrical goods
  • Card paper or any material of similar strength
  • A 9V battery with a battery cap or a battery holder with two 3V batteries
  • A 1.5V or 3V motor
  • A paper clip
  • Superglue
  • Glue stick
  • Insulation tape

What to do

  • Cut out three rotor blade shapes from the card paper and a circle roughly the size of the rotating end of the motor. The blades must be in the shape of an elongated water drop (as shown in the picture on the left). Attach the blade shapes to the circle using the glue stick. Fix this to the motor using super glue.
  • Connect one end of a length of wire to the motor. To ensure that there will be no loose contact later, fix the wires in position with insulation tape.
  • Fix the motor to one end of the pipe or hollow cylinder and ensure it is steady in that position. Pass the wire length through this pipe and connect the other end to the battery.
  • Now that the circuit is complete, you need to build a switch with a paper clip. Connect one wire from the motor to the paper clip and bring the other wire from the battery in contact with the paper clip whenever you want to turn on the fan.
  • Cut a hole in the lid of the container (Heat a knife or a compass and cut a circle into the lid). Put the entire battery end of the fan inside the container and screw the lid on. Before you do this, ensure that you leave the switch and one pair of wires on the lid.
  • And voila! You have your portable fan.


A working boat
You can use the fan made above as a propeller for a boat. Here’s how:

  • Cut out a rectangle from a large piece of cardboard.
  • Then cut out a triangle (base measuring the breadth of the rectangle and the other two sides equal)
  • Cut out three rectangles whose length is the same as the equal sides of the triangle
  • Cut out two rectangles whose breadth is equal to length of the rectangles in Step 3 and length is equal to the length of the rectangle in Step 1
  • Use superglue to paste the cut pieces and make a boat.
  • Stick toothpicks all along the bottom of the boat and on the area of base as these help increase the buoyancy of the boat. Cover the entire structure with insulation tape.
  • Stick the fan to the back of the boat and place the battery along with the battery cap inside the boat after making sure they are connected properly. Now you have a boat with a propeller!


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