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Making learning fun and easy for students

This blog post has been contributed by Swaminathan C.S., Director, Tutorvista and Edurite.

It is a delight to see how young six-year-olds are today discovering the world of maths! Gone is the boredom and dreariness of rote learning, these young ones are laughing and enjoying the way ‘shapes and spaces’ are appearing and disappearing on the computer screen, thanks to the educational DVDs which are today available.

Parents in turn are finding it very convenient and easy to explain concepts and exercises in mathematics. There is a whole treasure-trove of educational content available on DVDs and online now, adhering to the CBSE curriculum, and it is also making life very easy for teachers at school who have to spend time helping little ones steadily climb the learning curve.

There is no denying that this new generation of students is very technology-friendly and are taking to digital learning and DVDs like the proverbial duck to the water. The world’s leading learning companies are presently offering a wide range of self-paced learning tools such as DVDs/CDs and online courses, which include content based on the cognitive learning approach.

When one meets senior academicians, they too acknowledge how educational DVDs/CDs are helping students with easy understanding and long-term retention of complex concepts.  These DVDs/CDs cover specific content for CBSE, ICSE and various State Boards. Online self-paced curriculum is now available for CBSE students who can plan their own study schedules. These online courses enhance learning ability of the students by providing additional resources in a multimedia format.

Considerable research goes into the preparation of these educational DVDs/CDs and Online content. Active student feedback is encouraged and then well-tested pedagogical practices are adopted to make the subjects come alive for students.

The DVDs/CDs also contain detailed study plan and tracker tools to enable students to self-study and excel. The team, which produces the DVDs/CDs, upgrades courses regularly to keep the students ahead of all latest developments. The challenge always is to make the subject interesting, visually arresting and structured in ways which students would find easy to absorb and learn.

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Science is a subject that is best learnt with exploration. This interest has to be nurtured by the right study materials that encourage the students to explore and learn. Educational DVDs on Biology, for example, are very rich in content.  These DVDs gives the students a chance to understand the concepts better and strongly root them in their memory to form a base for all future studies.


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One thought on “Making learning fun and easy for students

  1. Kritika Srinivasan

    Thanks to evolving theories about education and the power of technology and the Internet, education is truly becoming more interactive and student-centred. When I see what my daughter learns at school, and more importantly, how she learns it, I really wish that I could go back to school again!


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