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Maths Games from Logic Roots

Maths Games from Logic Roots

Logic Roots, a company with ex-IITians, has come up with a series of Maths games for children of all ages.

Manufacturer’s Claims examined

“500% better Math. Up to 20 times more practice in the same time. Great speed, stronger fundamentals and no more silly mistakes in Math.”

We vouch for the fact that while playing the games, children do end up practicing Maths much more; they do not notice the time spent unlike in typical ‘rigorous’ methods like the parent quizzing the child or worksheets. The repetition in the games can also result in greater speed of calculations. However, we were unable to assess whether this will translate to fewer ‘silly mistakes’ as that can only be determined over a period of time.

“Trusted by top schools; DPS, Maharani Gayatri Devi School, Jindal and other top schools use our programs in their classrooms with great results.”

The fact that schools have managed to hold the attention of diverse students with these products does add credibility to the child friendliness of the products.

“Fun and easy to use.”

While we wholeheartedly agree that the products are fun for both children and adults, we would not categorise all as ‘easy to use’; some instructions need repeated reading for comprehension.

Products Examined



Age: KG-class 2 – We feel that this product is more appropriate for children up to Grade One.

Price: Rs. 899 – A little on the higher side.

Details: This is not a board game, it comprises cards that can be used to practice recognition of numbers and number names and addition up to 20 (in a typical ‘memory game’ format).

We like: The sketches and figures for the numbers and objects; Ravana’s heads to represent 10 is an example. The houseshaped wooden box for the cards is handy and attractive. The inclusion of Hindi numerals is a nice touch.

Ocean Raiders

Age: Grade 1 – 3 – Yes, this is the right age band for the product.

Price: Rs. 349 – quite appropriate

Details: Players have to negotiate ocean currents and whirlpools to retrieve a treasure at the bottom of the ocean. This game enables practice of addition; wrong answers take you back to the start. Unlike conventional snakes and ladders, the numbers are not arranged sequentially. So players need to add and not simply move the number of spaces indicated on the dice.


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