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Monsoon Magic

The monsoon is here. With slushy roads and crazy traffic jams in cities, it might be a good idea to spend a monsoon weekend amidst nature. The picturesque sight of rivers and streams filled to the brim and flowing along their course jauntily, and the pitter-patter of water on vast expanses of greenery will wrap you in a blanket of tranquillity. Experiencing the magic of a waterfall is a great way to unwind this season; here are some suggestions:

Near Bangalore

A 130 kilometre drive from Bangalore (along the NH7 to the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu) leads you to the Hogenakkal Falls, one of the most stunning waterfalls of South India. Located at a height of 750 feet in the Melagiri hills, its water is believed to have curative powers, as the river Cauvery flows through a forest of herbs before it cascades down as the Falls. A marvellous coracle ride that gives glimpses of the surrounding greenery is available through the year except when the currents are unmanageable. The ride takes you amazingly close to the magnificent waterfalls, a sight which can be intimidating for some. There are not too many options for staying close by, and so Hogenakkal is ideal for a day trip.

Near Chennai

The Tada Falls or the Ubbalamdugu Falls in the Nellore district of India is around 90 kilometres from Chennai, on the border between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. You will need to trek about 9 kilometres to and fro from the vehicle parking lot; the rocky terrain makes the trek a challenging yet enjoyable expedition. Things to keep in mind if you want to fully enjoy the trek and the Falls: carry ample drinking water with you and make allowances for frequent rest stops. At the end of the trek you are rewarded with the opportunity to marvel at the sight of clear water falling from a height of 300 feet. You can also visit the Pulicat Lake, the second largest brackish lagoon in India, about 40 kilometres from Tada. The nearest place for accommodation in Tada Falls is Sellupeta, 32 kilometres from Tada.

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