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Movies to Watch with your Children!

Children 4 – 10 years old

Movie: Ratatouille Year: 2007
Cast: (Animated) Voices by Patton Oswalt, Brian Dennehy, Brad Garrett, Janeane Garofalo, Ian Holm

Summary: Remy the rat has one dream – and one dream only – to become a fantastic chef. What can only be described as fate brings him to the sewers of France, right under the restaurant of his culinary idol- Auguste Gusteau. The plot unfolds and exposes the many obstacles that Remy faces- his family’s disdain of his dream, his loss of support and friendship and his primary and most obvious impediment being a rodent! Watch the movie to see how Remy finds a happy ending to his tale.
What you will like: Although a seemingly juvenile plot, Ratatouille can be interpreted and understood at an adult level as well. What better way to revisit aspects of life such as identity crisis, overcoming obstacles, discovering the truth and finding true love than watching a fantastic cartoon movie?
What your children will like: Ratatouille, from the outset, portrays all the characters in a way that children can relate to. The movie has just the right balance of humour and morals to appeal to young minds.
Movie: How The Grinch Stole Christmas Year: 2000
Cast: Jim Carrey, Taylor Momsen and Jeffrey Tambor

Summary: This movie, based on a famous novel by Dr. Seuss, is set in the land of Whoville where the Whos live. The protagonist, the Grinch, lives near Whoville. The Grinch, jealous of the Whos’ happiness, attempts to steal all the Christmas decorations and presents. However,when Christmas day dawns, we see how the spirit of Christmas triumphs even though there are no presents or decorations. What does the Grinch do? Watch the movie to find out.
What you will like: This movie, though most often shown on television around Christmas time, is a great way to bond with your children any time of the year. Rich in emotions of forgiveness and acceptance, the movie is a great watch for people of all ages.
What your children will like: Children will be fascinated by the Grinch – a vicious cat like creature. The mysteries surrounding Christmas day are minutely and attractively portrayed. Children can also relate to the process of the Grinch’s dawning maturity.
Movie: The Sound of Music Year: 1965
Cast: Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummerand Eleanor Parker
Summary: This is a brilliant musical about a young woman who leaves her Austrian convent to be a governess to the nine Von Trapp children. What ensues is a heartwarming tale of the challenges in raising children of different ages, each going through a different phase of growth.
What you will like: Since this movie portrays all aspects of parenting and growing up, it is sure to tug at parents’ heart strings. The backdrop of the movie, the Second World War, provides interesting points for discussion with the children.
What your children will like: The movie has some great humour, in addition to its brilliant music. The movie has an overall child-like aura to it with its many pranks, picnics, punishments and coming-of-age pangs.

Children Above 10 years old

Movie: Life is Beautiful Year: 1997
Cast: Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi and Giorgio Cantarini
Summary: This movie, set in the period just before the Second World War, revolves around the life of a good-humoured Jewish man, Guido, and his wife and son. In the second half, the movie deals with the Nazi invasion and the capture of Jews. We see how Guido is separated from his wife and strives to help his child survive the Nazi camp.
What you will like: This movie exposes the cruelties of war, while showcasing a beautiful parenting journey. We are moved from start to end by Guido’s endurance, as he protects his son by deluding him into thinking that the Camp is just a game that the world is playing.
What your children will like: Children will see the extremities of war and the hardships faced by the children who grew up in Nazi camps a marked contrast to the peace and security that they grow up in today. It also shows them the extent to which a parent will go to provide for his child.
Movie: My Fair Lady Year: 1964
Cast: Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison and Stanley Holloway
Summary: This movie features a poverty ridden flower girl who is trained by a philanthropic phonetician Henry Higgins to speak so eloquently that she is presentable in high society. Based on the book ‘Pygmalion’ by George Bernard Shaw, this movie will, in turns, keep you in hysterics and in deep contemplation of the importance of good speech.
What you will like: The movie has nuances that explore mid-life crises, emotional expression and individuality. It shows us how things we usually deem unimportant, or take for granted, are actually what define us and change our lives.
What your children will like: This movie provides sensitisation to the different kinds of people in society and the social hierarchy that is prevalent everywhere, even today. It also shows them the role of phonetics and well-articulated speech.


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