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Muted Expectations aren’t any Less Powerful!

Even long after Amy Chua’s book was published, it still has been making waves. I and my friends have grown up the way Amy Chua had been bringing up her kids. There was nothing wrong with that kind of upbringing during those days, and even now it’s not entirely wrong in this changed scenario where kids are growing up with much more freedom, though, often, may not be with much more sense of responsibility that should come with that kind of freedom!

We knew the occasional “Stupid”, “Bhondu” etc shook us up and challenged us to show our potential and we often gained from such name-calling. We weren’t half as sensitive to criticism as today’s kids are, so that was more than a blessing than a curse. I didn’t have “tiger parents”, but they were closer to that than they were to Western parents. Do read on this post and please come back with your opinions………


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2 thoughts on “Muted Expectations aren’t any Less Powerful!

  1. Sudeshna

    Kudos my dear Friend! Brought back a lot of sweet memories of our school days! As I read , the same question comes to my mind” How can she pen such beautiful words when she comes from an Engineering background?” Your superb writing skills amaze me!Keep writing Aparajita! It is such a joy to read!

  2. Nachiketa Mitra

    Delightful reading, very fluid, genuine, interesting and relatable.. The embarrassment of failure has always been there – the fear of appearing unfit, of falling behind has always been a part of the persona.. thanks for bringing these feelings alive.

    Great article. Thanks.


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