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My baby, my design?

a)     Specify the outcome ‘what do you want to accomplish’?

b)     Paint the big picture. ‘Why do you want to accomplish that?’

c)      Stay away from the ‘How should you accomplish that?’ unless you would like to specify acceptable and unacceptable ways (not as per your standards but as per generic standards that exist in the world, like ethics, for instance).

Delegate your child’s life design to your child.  Be there to guide the child and share your experiences and those of others around you. It is the toughest ask of a parent. Are you up for the challenge?


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After 14 years of working as a Talent Development expert in the Corporate world, Namrataa Arora Singh decided to re-invent her career. A Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from the International Coach Academy (Australia), Namrataa has been coaching women across the globe for the last 6 years. Namrataa specializes in working with mompreneurs, single moms and working moms juggling a full time career with other responsibilities. You can read more of her blogs on http://worldofmoms.wordpress.com.

2 thoughts on “My baby, my design?

  1. Vandana M Khemka

    So true!… though often child do take thier basic life understanding from parents but the as parents we have to let our child form his own unique personality by expolring things he like and would want to do :)…
    Crafter :www.facebook.com/craftstruck
    Mom blogger : http://www.mumsphere.com

  2. Meera

    very useful read and good tips -for most of us it is difficult to stay away from the how, but need to do it!


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