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My Experience at ParentEdge

This is a contribution from Darshini R., who was the Student Editor for Issue 4 (Jan-Feb 2012) of ParentEdge.

I was lucky to work with ParentEdge as one of their Student Editors, because I learnt so much.

For starters, I learnt how to organise articles into themed paragraphs, meet deadlines (after a lot of prodding, and failing on that front, of course!), and collect information relevant to what I was writing about. I learnt how to make drafts, edit and revise those drafts, and I learnt about how to make an article seem more or less formal. I was able to better my writing, and by researching the topics I was supposed to write about (from sports marketing to preschool curricula), I gained knowledge about them that I won’t forget in a hurry, unlike, say, formulae from my 12th grade physics syllabus!

The learning apart, the whole magazine-building process was enjoyable. We started on our issue months in advance, so that each article could be built slowly and edited again and again, according to the requirements of the issue. It was fun to understand other people’s points of view, especially understanding how differently adults and kids think!

The team at ParentEdge is extremely understanding and helpful and makes things really easy to do.

However, some parts of the internship were difficult for me. I am not very good at talking to people I don’t know, and part of what I had to do was interview people I’ve never met before, over the phone or on email. I had jitters every time I heard the ringing of the phone, wondering whether the other person would pick up, and how I should start asking them questions. Writing down their responses, keeping up with the speed of their talking, and not being able to read my own handwriting afterwards was a challenge (though easier than the actual talking I had to do). Following up with people after I finished interviewing them was another task that made me slightly nervous.

Nevertheless, all this was very rewarding. I felt relieved after every interview, and as expected, I got better at it the more I did it. Seeing the articles I helped write in print on glossy pages, accompanied by vivid pictures, was something that made me really happy. My parents were excited too, and they took particular pleasure in showing my articles to their friends (which of course was embarrassing).

All in all, the time I spent with ParentEdge is very special to me, and gave me plenty to think about and cherish. I’m sure all the other student editors feel the same, even if our experiences differ.

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