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My experience at the ‘Edge’ of journalism

Aanandita Vahgani

Aanandita Vahgani

This blog post has been contributed by Aanadita Vaghani, Student Editor of Issue 6 (May-June 2012) of the magazine.






Enriching, Educational, Electrifying-

An experience as a writer, young…

Deadlines, Due dates and Delays-

All seemed so far-flung

Stimulating, Slowly, Steadily-

My penmanship dreams were turned to  reality..

Researching, Reflecting, Writing-

This magazine needed pure originality..

Intriguing, Impacting, Insightful-

Interviews with event managers and child specialists..

Calming, Creative, Crazy-

Crosswords, recipes and poems amidst.

Evolved, Enchanted, Edified

In a six month writing endeavor-

For which, I owe all these words to Parent Edge..

It transformed me forever.


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ParentEdge is a bi-monthly magazine for discerning Indian parents who would like to actively contribute to their children’s education, intellectual enrichment and stimulation. The magazine’s premise is that learning is a continuous process, and needs to happen both in and outside of school; thus parents have an important role to play in shaping their children’s interests and intellect.

5 thoughts on “My experience at the ‘Edge’ of journalism

  1. Jugal Bhinde

    The way you describe your experience about parentedge, it does make it seem really worthwhile. Interviewing “child managers and specialists”, just by working for a magazine? Looks like your opportunities at ParentEdge, where highly influential for you. Well Done!

  2. Jugal Bhinde

    After reading your review about your experience at parentedge, it seems you had some fantastic work experience at such a young age. Working for ParentEdge does really seem worthwhile, and personally i too would love the opportunity to do the same. Well done!

  3. ananya

    Hi Aanandita! i read the poem and thoroughly enjoyed it as it vividly describes your amazing experience at parentedge. It was really inspiring:) thank you:)
    All the best!

  4. Karina

    Hi Aanandita! I read your poem which was extremely well written and gave me a clear perspective of your experience at Parentedge, very well done! All the best for the future.
    – Karina

  5. Aakriti

    It really seems like you have grown and learnt a lot through this experience. i like how you have spoken about it through the means of a poem, it is certainly very creative. good job!


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