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Mycity4kids Family Organizer

Mycity4kids Family Organizer

PE -27 Issue Nov - Dec '15 681Mycityforkids has launched an application exclusively for parents in India. It runs on Android and is available at Google Play as a free download.

Manufacturer’s Claims Examined

“Organize your kids daily schedule with a colour-coded Calendar and To-do list”
The app does make it easy for you to keep track of multiple aspects of a child’s life – be it a dental appointment, a parent-teacher meeting or a special children’s movie. Reminders are sent to the registered email id in addition to showing up on the calendar – a blessing for harried parents.

Since your activities and those of your spouse and children are recorded in one place, with different colour codes for better clarity, there is little chance of a clash in schedules.

“Involve your spouse by creating a shared calendar and to-do list that can be
jointly accessed”
This is definitely a great feature in the app, a step towards making fathers as hands-on as most mothers are today! With the app, you can assign a task, set a reminder for it, and also add photos or notes to the task. No more excuses for not picking up that timer that your son needs for the science project! Since appointment details are shared on both the parents’ phones and email ids, fathers cannot blame forgetfulness for missing a child’s piano recital or sports day prize giving ceremony.

“Discover great events and resources for children in the city”
This is the best feature in the app. Upcoming events and workshops in the city are shown based on the age of your children and the city you stay in. There is a handy filter option to see events by locality, activities, date, and age. Thus from a humungous sea of events in a city, one gets a highly relevant list – for example, ones in North Bangalore (the app also allows to select specific areas within this broad categorisation), for academic enrichment, for that day and only the age category that your younger
child is in.

In addition to hobby classes, children’s events and workshops, fun places to visit, you can also look up child health specialists, remedial or special education experts nearest to your home. Listings have contact information, reviews, relevant photos and directions.

“Learn from other Mums & Experts with the best Parenting blogs”
The app is a handy way to keep track of the buzz in the parenting field – with a selection of parenting blogs by experts and parents.

We like
• This app is light on the device – in terms of storage space that it occupies and internet data usage
• The user interface is intuitive and has been thoughtfully designed

What could be improved
• The filter for events – by locality, activities and age-group cannot be saved – it has to be applied each time. If this could be saved, it would reduce our effort.
• The blogs are not categorised by age relevance – so one has to wade through topics that are not very relevant to one’s situation.
• The categories for events are one too many – some pruning will help.

Users’ Voices

The best part about the app is that both spouses can be involved in parenting. I installed the app on my
husband’s phone; the reminders and to-do lists are really making him involved in household chores! I think it will be great if some features like milestones tracker and fitness and nutrition guidance could be added to the app.
Varsha Mishra, Mumbai

I like the fact that the app is really easy to use; everything that is needed that is easy to find. One thing that should be added to the app is a little jazz. The app has everything but it lacks a little style.
Bhawna Saini, Bangalore

This app has many things relevant to parenting – scheduler, calendar, resources, latest events and a whole lot of experiences of mothers across the country – on a single platform. In the last two months, I  could get important information – details and reviews of various schools – for filling school admission forms. I would say that this app is replacing google for me for most of my parenting needs.
Prachi Singla, National Capital Region

It is easy to coordinate the schedules of various members of the family with this app. The best part of this app is the synchronisation – an appointment with the paediatrician for example, shows up on both devices.  The one thing which I wish can be added is the update of the calendar with festivals and public holidays, so that vacations can be planned better.
Namrata Sadhvani, Hyderabad

I found a puppet show in Events section of the app; it was a mythological play at Lamakaan, we went there and my kids loved it. I did not even know that this place existed, thanks to this app I am more aware of what is happening around me. One suggestion is to categorise the blogs in the app, apart from recent & trending, into categories such as pregnancy, toddler, playschool, primary school and other growth phases of the child.
Anup Agarwal, Hyderabad

I am a single parent, but my parents and my brother are using this app with me. This has become our private social network. This app is proving to be really helpful on the go. Sometimes we are already out of the house and we plan spontaneously to attend an event, this is where the app helps. This happened with us during Ganpati festival, we attended an event with last minute planning. Thanks to the Family organiser app.
Shweta Jain, Pune

Last Word

Overall, this is a great app that brings together an organiser, schedulers, event listing website, blogs and much more on one platform. With this app, you will find that you hardly use your browser for
your parenting related searches. A ‘mustdownload’ app for today’s parents.

- Ramya Gopalakrishnan