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Narrowing down your school list




Your Achievements: Areas that you are passionate about and want to continue to cultivate in college
Your Preparation for Intended Major: What has prepared you or driven your interest in your chosen academic major in college?
Your Aspirations: You have had limited resources in high school, if you had unlimited resources, what would you LOVE to do?
Misc. Interesting facts


Spend time with the “You” column, as this will be the same for all colleges, really define who you are and what you want to accomplish in college. The Achievements part should be activities that you have been passionate about and that you intend to continue in college. These will likely be your most salient “non-academic” areas that you will articulate in your application. The Preparation part should be more focussed on activities that have developed your interest in an academic area and may also include internships, research or projects related to what you want to study. The Aspirational areas should be uncensored dreams!! Seriously, go for it.

Now you have an intent, and this can be your compass as you navigate through the college website. Go through your points and do an internal Google search on the college website to find out how each of your areas is represented by that school. It may take some tweaking of search terms to find, so don’t give up to fast, but keep your search focus on the element about you that you are looking for. You may run into other interesting points, so you could add these to the fourth row. It is a good idea to put in the Website address for any points that you put in about the school so that you may refer to it later. See an example of this process below:



University of Southern California

Major Accomplishments:

1. Acting/Creative performance

  • Head of set design
  • Acted in 4 major productions
  • Choreographer for Dances
  • Directed play at Ranga Shankara

2. Leadership

  • House Captain
  • Head of Drama Dept.
  • Initiated English teaching program at local school
  • Started a Vermicomposting project in my community
  • Connected   to my theater and Vermicomposting: Student Victoria Tam doesn’t just practice   sustainability in her everyday life; she sees it as a necessity as a scenic   designer- http://bit.ly/14kvMsa
  • Zeher – Bollywood Dance group
  • Vision   and Voices initiative holds events I could be part of all year around – http://bit.ly/13UUQXO
  • Links to Theater faculty, Dale White Stage Management, Peter Duffy Theater education.
  • Student Govt at USC: http://usg.usc.edu/
  • USC   Family of Schools- continue with my volunteer teaching experiences: http://uscfamilyofschools.com/
Preparation for the Intended Major: Connect to Communications and Media:

  1. Internship at Deccan Herald
  2. Internship at PR Firm
  3. Published articles in local newspaper
  4. Write for my school newspaper
  5. Model United Nations – several MUN’s Best Delegate and Chair positions
Aspirational Goals for College

  1. Theater involvement- I want to continue my passion for acting and stage management
  2. Journalism: I would like to work as a reporter for a paper and possibly intern at a major publication
  3. Work in TV and/or Radio: Probably more behind the camera, but would also like to DJ a radio program
  4. Build International exposure/travel- I love experiencing new cultures and people and would like to study abroad
  • Annenberg Advantage – Links me to alumni in professional fields for internships http://bit.ly/12N5h1j
  • Great links to Career oriented resources:http://bit.ly/16iJ3Tg Check out Career Entertainment day and Summer internship in NYC
  • TrojanCast – Work in TV
  • Write for Daily Trojan: http://bit.ly/11OgTLs
  • Great Intl programs in Journalism and communications: http://bit.ly/1bZeh3b
Other Misc Interesting things:


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Prab Singh heads CollegeSource (http://thecollegesource.net/), an organisation that provides life coaching to adolescents and support to their family through the process of deciding their higher education and career goals.

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