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Natural Remedies for Ear Infection in Children

Treating ear infection in children - natural remediesEarache has many possible causes, such as excess earwax, a perforated eardrum and other conditions in the head and neck. The most common cause of earache in children is an infection in the middle ear. (Otitis Media) The infection can be bacterial, viral or fungal. GPs very often prescribe antibiotics to help stop ear infections. I get so many calls from worried parents who do not want to give their children antibiotics and look for alternative, natural remedies.

The good news is that in most cases antibiotics are really not necessary as the infection can be treated with natural remedies. There are a number of natural treatments that can help alleviate the pain of earache and treat the cause of ear infections.

Here are some of the many remedies that can be helpful:

Lemon: For an effective remedy for earache, squeeze a little lemon juice to a similar amount of mustard oil. Heat these two fluids together until you have an oily residue. Put a couple of drops into the ear and it will help ease the pain.

Garlic: a great remedy for ear infections as it has antibiotic and immune supporting effects. Garlic oil dripped directly into the ear can treat fungal infections. It is also good to take garlic internally. Just add more garlic to your cooking when you suspect that your child is suffering from an ear infection.

Mullein: I am a huge fan of mullein flowers and often recommend them in cases of upper respiratory infections, coughs and ear infections. Drop 2-3 drops of warm mullein flower oil into each ear every 4 hours as needed. Always treat both ears because ear infections can move from ear to ear.

Peppermint: Mints are antiseptic and they relieve earaches. I would suggest using peppermint tea. It can be sweetened with a little raw honey if necessary, as children often don’t like the taste of menthol.

Echinacea (for children over 12 years of age): A teaspoon of dried herb in tea or a few drops of Echinacea tincture in juice or tea should be given three times a day to benefit from its antibiotic and immune-boosting effects.

Colloidal Silver: Drop one to three drops in the ears twice a day.

Onion: Cut an onion in half, place it face down on a baking tray and bake it in the oven until you start to smell the onion. You want it to be hot enough but make sure it’s not going to burn the ears. Ask your child to lie down and place the onion on their ears like earmuffs. Secure them on the ears by wrapping a scarf around the head. Leave them on for 10-15 minutes. The fumes from the onion should help to unblock the ear canals. Repeat if necessary.


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Aniko Sziraczki is a Kinesiologist with a background in Psychology, and the founder of Raising Toxin Free Children. She is passionate about children’s health and is devoted to informing parents about toxin-free living to keep their children healthy and well in a natural way. Read more on her ‘toxin free living’ blog at www.raisingtoxinfreechildren.com. She lives in London with her partner and her little girl who is attachment parented and is being raised to be healthy, eco-conscious and a responsible occupant of our beautiful Earth.

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