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Nurturey- Tools for Parents | ParentEdge


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Nurturey- Tools for Parents

1482994891_EqhFbz_nurtereyNuturey.com offers digital tools to manage the multitude of tasks that parents have – of managing  family schedules, keeping track of children’s health and growth, and preserving the memories and  artefacts gathered along the way. To get started, you need to ‘create’ a family online by adding child and
adult members, using your email account details, date of birth of your child etc.

Claims examined
“Organise – Information, documents or responsibilities – manage everything about kids at your fingertips.” Yes, the calendar, documents, immunisations, measurements, and milestones tools on the Nurturey site do help you do this. An update in the child’s calendar (event or meeting at the child’s school) is reflected in the parent’s calendar. On enabling the sync with Google calendar, the parent will
get a reminder on her phone or laptop. You can upload e-versions of your child’s documents to not only keep them safe, but also make them more accessible. Nurturey offers general, school related, health,
award and honour categories. So you could preserve your child’s report cards, immunisation record, and certificates. This could be the best place for your checklists – sleepover or excursion checklist, a
birthday party invitee list etc. – all safely filed under the general category. In fact, you could photograph your child’s artwork or writing, upload it periodically and observe the progression!

Keep track of immunisations and physical growth trackers (height, weight etc.) online. This can come in useful if you forget your file for the next paediatrician’s appointment. In fact, Nurturey will send
email reminders for your child’s next vaccination.

Reassure yourself that your child’s growth is on track with the milestone accomplishment benchmark information on Nurturey (provided by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) – it maps key
stages from zero to 60 months.

(Note: All features and specifications are as per the information available to the ParentEdge editorial team at the time of publication.)

“Cherish – Build and cherish meaningful memories – the whole story – of your kids and parenthood.”
You can create an ongoing narrative of your child’s growing years, by adding dates and description while uploading photos. This timeline effect is more interesting to share with extended family, rather than unsorted digital photo albums.

“Safe to use”
Nurturey follows EU security guidelines, and assures users confidentiality and safety of personal information.

“Easy to use”
Yes, the user interface and tools are fairly intuitive and simple.

“Team Up – Plan and share effortlessly with other parents on Nurturey.” “Nurture – Overwhelmed with resources around you? Let Nurturey’s algorithms proactively connect you ONLY to the most relevant stuff.”
At the time of this review, the parent forum and resource selection features were not enabled on the website.

You should be prepared
To access Nurturey.com through a web browser – whether it is to upload a photo or make a quick entry in the calendar. Apps will be available soon on Google Play and the App Store.
What we like
• All tools in Nurturey are free.
• It is a one-stop shop for parents – photos, documents, day-to-day schedules can all in one place.
• The site allows addition of more adults to the family – helps to keep grandparents, uncles and aunts in the loop.


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